OK..Everyone please read!

OK…I want everyone’s opinion. So, I went to the endo today for my 3 month checkup and the nurse comes in and tests my blood sugar with her handy little meter and it was 89!!! Hooray!!!..But, I was thinking something as I was driving home. Since I am a paramedic, I focus alot on patient safety and infection control as we deal with alot of blood and body fluids. Well that got me thinking. Do you think your doctor cleans the meter between patients??? Or atleast the lancet device??? I know there has been cases in hospitals of HBV transmission bewteen patients from glucose meters.

Personaly, I won’t let them use the lancet device on me. I ask to stick my own finger with the lancet. Do you guys ever worry about this stuff??? Hmm??

Wow never thought about that

You can always aske them to change it in front of you or for you to use your own. We have our son use his own lancer

when minw does do it–they insert a new lancet in fronmt of me–very few and far between as I always take my lof book–last time was when I had a skin infection…they checked BG and keytones in office cause it had been 2 hours since I had…

my endo has single lancet devices…so i know it’s only been used on me. i see them throw it out…

I know the lancet is single use!!! But I means what about the lancet holder???

my endocrinologist has these pressure lancets that have the device and the lancet in one - once the patient is done, they toss it.

although this is true, those lancet devices always give me bruises. I pull out my multiclix device and do it for them. :slight_smile:

My old endo would change the lancet right in front of me to do the blood test. My current one asks me to do the test on my meter with my equipment. I’ve never really thought about the issue, but it is a potential concern if the dr is being careless. I don’t think it matters about whether the meter gets cleaned.

it’s a single lancet…no device…you push the lancet in and toss it. like what cynthia says below

I use my own meter and lancet. When I went to the ER in nov, they changed the lancet in front of me and thew it away after.
Good point…I will be very aware now if I go to new dr/hospital.

I never really thought about it before. That is a very good thought.
I will remember from now on to take my own glucose meter with me. That way atleast I can use my own lancet device if nothing else to get my blood sugar level.

After reading this discussion, I’ll be more mindful of bs tests and lancet device infection control at my endo’s office in the future. I’m always paranoid about needles and giving blood for tests at the hospital or any other place.

My endo has never checked my BG while in the office. I have her fax a script I go and get my blood drawn and then when I show up for my appointment she has all my numbers and then we have something to talk about.

I have one question–Why would your Dr test your BG in the office anyway? isn’t it kinda pointless as all through the day it can change so much. My Dr at the diabetic center has never done a BG test on me in his office- I have blood drawn at the clinic two days before and we just talk about my a1c and how to manage it all

Exactly what I said, not to mention what is the point the meters are not very accurate that is why one has blood work done.

My endo’s office uses single use lancets. I’ve checked. I don’t worry about them cleaning the meter itself.

I do know that the nurse wipes my finger with an alcohol swab before testing, which is more than I do, so I’m not worried about it.

I can’t imagine any physician’s office is careless enough to reuse lancets on multiple patients.

Ya think?


I also get my blood work done a week ahead of time, but why wouldn’t they check your blood while you’re there? It’s not much different than taking your temperature, pulse and blood pressure.


I always take Joshua’s glucose meter and lancet device with me and do it myself. They get a reading consistent with my machine and it saves me money if I use mine. The other times they draw blood for all the tests I assume they are using sterile needles.


i used be a CNA and i freak out if i don’t see them swabbing the BG device. if not i want them to stick me with those disposable lancets. if i have the option i will test with my own device.

i’d rather use my own. Last time i was in the er they used this big meter to test my sugar and i have a feeling they charged a fortune just for that test strip. I can’t stand the disposable lancets, they hurt alot. I’m not really that worried, you can’t save your self from everything. I mean who knows what’s on our paper files they pass around, i heard they can carry stuff to. Remember to always wash your hands!