Has anyone heard when Medtronic's Enlite CGM Sensor might be released?

According to my rep., the Veo pump and Enlite sensor will be packaged together. Enlite will not be FDA approved to work with current Revel pump. Also, reps are being trained on the new system now....approval is supposed to be very soon...so soon that some people have been told not to order more than one month supply of current sensors. The new transmitter is supposed to be smaller and lasts for 6 days. A blogger who tested it says the old transmitter will work for the initial three days and then recharged may work for 3 more...but not the twelve she could squeeze out of the Enlite (recharged after 6 for an additional 6)

Have been told by my rep "any day now" and there is a post on medtronic's site that any purchase of a new revel B4 Feb something will be upgraded to new technology at no additional cost. So my guess is that medtronic has finally paid enough to the FDA to finally get it passed for use in this country.

I hope that this is true

Hiyas, am curious here how you are getting a minimum of 15 days from them? never managed to get more than about 4 days tops (had some pack in after 2 but most last 3 days) before the sensor gives up, so curious to know what I'm missing here.

Although it's probably me (usually is) am also wondering how accurate you find it? had nothing but aggro with the thing (even more so with alarms turned on with it claiming I was in the 3's and waking me up in the middle of the night to test and see I'm at 6 or 7's). Even my DSN said turn off the alarm feature as it's a waste of space and just use it to see direction of BG not for an actual reading.

And also (sorry about the questions) am also curious about how you are managing to wrangle so many out of your Trust? I can get them, but only when I want to fine tune a pattern or if I'm doing an event if I put a request in a month or so before hand. I can't even wrangle them for training purposes sadly.
Thanks :)

Scott, I was told no. The Enlite will only work with Veo that is part of what is taking so long for approval.

My Endo told me at my last appointment (Jan 23, 2013) that the Veo Insulin Pump & Enlite Sensors are now available. You can check it out on the Medtronics website. The sensors will work with the Revel pump also. The CGM starter kit cost is somewhere around $375 at this time. Regular price is somewhere around $1600.

Do you have a link to the Veo/Enlite information? I can't find it.

Ok, looks like I made a mistake! So sorry!

I googled Medtronics Diabetes and I didn't notice that the website was actually MedtronicDiabetesAU. So, it wasn't US Medtronics. BUT, my Endo told me that the Rep was at his office and told him that they were now available. Now, I'm wondering if he misunderstood the Rep.

Well, if you're interested to read up about the sensors and the VEO pump you can google MedtronicDiabetesAU. They have videos on how to use them. It was interesting to watch.

Again, I'm sorry for the misinformation!

No problem...we are all so anxiously awaiting the new pump/sensor! :-)
My rep said soon....sigh......


I heard all the talk about any day now but Medtronic just cancelled there yearly meeting for over 700 employees. It does not look good for Enlight or the G35 Pump..... :-(

I would say we will get it sometime between the next 365 to 1,825 days. I do not trust the FDA to approve ANYTHING BEFORE FIVE YEARS HAVE PASSED. I just got a new Revel, under a MM program that will allow me to upgrade to the Veo/Enlite combo without cost, but only if the combo is apporoved in the next 4-6 months. So I guess I am out of luck on getting the combo for free, now; and will have to pay an upgrade in 5 years; Hopefully they will still be doing the trade-in rebate and my insurance will still cover the pump.

God bless,

I'm so sorry to hear that for you and I hope and pray that they release within the 4-6 month time frame so you can get your upgrade. I am SO excited for this new set. (I'm not eligible for upgrade through my insurance until Aug. 2014) but the potential that's waiting for us all! I was diagnosed in Aug 1990 and it astonishes me how far they've come in 22 years. Good Luck Brunetta and best wishes

Thanks Hamp. We will just have to wait on the FDA approval.
I was diagnosed at the age of 13, almost 14, in 1968. so I know how much things have changed to aid control,since those one shot a day, no home glucose meter, only urine ketone testing, and food "exchange list" days.

Fortunately, I was not a sickly kid at all, despite diabetes and thr lack of techonlogy to help manage.

glad to be your friend.

Take care,
Go Bless

Hi there,

I am a Canadian and have just recently been posted to India. I started with my pump and CGM in July of 2012. Man, was I surprised to find out, through the Medtronic rep here in India, that they don't have the soft sensors here, just the Enlite!!! I was so happy to hear that after having read about them on this blog! I was out of the soft sensors, which I always had a hard time with, not only inserting, but accuracy as well, I seldom used them. I bought the Enlite sensors with the inserter. I inserted it on Saturday...I'm on day 4 now...and WOW...the accuracy is incredible! I'm in love with them! The insertion was easy as well. I placed it behind my upper arm, easy to do with the inserter. Perhaps that is why I get accurate numbers! The only difficulty in inserting behind my arm was putting on the adhesive tape...with the willing help of my ten year old daughter, I was set to go! I love it!!! I hope to keep it on for much longer than 6 days, I hear that's possible...because at 60 dollars a pop, it can get pretty expensive...and my insurance doesn't cover it!
I hope FDA and Health Canada approve it soon. Good luck!

I just finished some internet scouring and some of the diabetes bloggers who are "in the know", i.e.: seem to have an inside track with researchers, manufacturers, etc. have been saying that they will be out "this spring." Seeing how it is now March, the clock is ticking. From everything that I have read about the Enlite and the Veo, they can't be in our hands (or stuck in our bodies) soon enough.

Having diabetes for 18 years has made me cynical when it comes to promises that manufacturers, researchers and doctors make about the promise or timing of the "next great thing." According to my first endocrinologist's cure prediction, my Type I should have been cured in 1999. If we see the Enlite/Veo by Thanksgiving, I'll be happy.

I heard that prelim approval was given end of Jan. and visitation of manufacturing facilities are all that remains for FDA. We can hope that means SOON!