Has anyone here ever had knee replacements?

I need to have knee replacements,and was wondering if anyone has been through this and if so,how did it go? I’m alittle scared.

My husband will be getting a knee replacement soon. He was told to lose 30 pounds before surgery. He has been losing weight slowly know for 6 months. Go to a search engine and type in edheads.com and then when prompted type in virtual knee replacement. This is a really good way to know what to expect and will help with your fears.

Thank you sooo much,and best wishes to your husband.

My grandmother had her knee replaced a little over 5 years ago. She was in the hospital for just over a week, and then she stayed with my aunt (who could provide 24/7 care) for another week. It took her about 5 weeks total to be up & about again. She recovered faster than the 6-10 weeks the doctor said to expect, but then my grandmother has always been stubborn. (Persistent, we say when she’s within earshot.)

They’ve made improvements in the technology since her surgery. Her artificial knee is unisex, whereas now there are female-specific models. Still, she’s happy she did it. When the rain starts, it’s her other knee that hurts. The artificial one is fine. She has said she’ll never have the 2nd knee replaced, but that’s because she doesn’t want to undergo another surgery at her age.

I have never had a knee replacement before but make sure you get a CPM (continuous passive motion device) machine, it should be covered under your DME benefit’s…

I’ve heard from a few people they can be very painful and take a while to recover.