Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis? continued

I have been an average diabetic for 27 years and even though I haven’t always been very strict with my regime, I have managed to avoid having a lot of medical issues. (aside from the typical blood pressure, thyroid and cholesterol issues). Lately I have managed to get into exercise, lower my carbs and lose a few pounds. THEN…

I woke up one morning with a grey shadow at the top of my vision. When I went to the Opthalmologist, he told me that I have swelling of my optical nerve which is called Optical Neuritis and that I would have to get an MRI to see if I have any lesions in my brain from Multiple Sclerosis. HUH??? The Dr. also wanted to pump me full of steroids intravenously for 5 days to treat this disorder and then he started muttering about what a mess that would be since I am diabetic.

I spent 6 hours in the emergency room at the hospital while they did a neurological work up an MRI and numerous blood tests. (Luckily I brought food with me cause none was offered.) They told me that my brain looked clear but they didn’t have the final results yet, I refused their offer of a lumbar puncture and the steroids too since I read that this problem usually just clears up on its own. Am I at higher risk now? Do I have it?? Should I take the steroids? Gonna talk to the Doc next week. Still waiting for the final test results.

And the story continues…
Have seen the Doc. My tests all came back negative. I thought that was good but …that means they tested me for all other possible causes of my Optic Neuritis so the only thing left is MS. When the Doctor told me that, I realized that I am in denial. I am going to accept that my path is leading in this direction and based on the doctor’s recommendation I have decided to take the lumbar puncture so they can actually test me for MS. If it is positive, there are treatments I can start that will slow the progression and minimize future disabilities. Usually the treatments are done with daily shots. The good news is that after having diabetes for over 20 years, I think I can handle those shots. :slight_smile: The other positive is that I am already doing a lot of the things that will help me with a healthy life. Exercising and trying to eat right (only human…) On the subject of refusing the steroids, my Ophthalmologist said that was probably a wise choice and she confirmed that the steroids would not make much difference in the outcome except to speed healing. Will write more after the next few Dr. apptmts.

What a scare! Thank goodness your brain looks clear. Some doctors are alarmists. Maybe they feel it necessary to prepare patients for bad news just in case. My preference would be to wait for a diagnosis before taking any treatment. Hope your test results are good. Can you call your doctor to discuss the pros & cons of steroid treatment & the probability it will go away on its own?

Thanks Gerri. I have an appointment with my primary dr. today and with the opthalmologist on Friday. Will update when I know more.