Has this ever happened to you?!

See attached image! Yes, right into my open mouth. Gross!

(don’t ask about my disembodied head and hands… haha)

6484-fingersquirting.jpg (183 KB)

hmm I wanted the image to show up in the post itself… oh well! it’s in the attachment!

EEEW! That’s really yucky. Thank heavens it has never happened to me:)

Did you think your finger was an orange and squeezed too hard?? LOL…

ha! Mine has squirted across the room before.

Considering that I always recycle my blood by licking it off my fingers, I don’t consider that too bad. Having a bleeder squirt your face and them walking around with blood on your face, now that is a classic.

Of course, I just engaged in a discussion about how I served Bone Marrow for dinner last night (https://forum.tudiabetes.org/topics/overcoming-food-dislikes?page=2&commentId=583967%3AComment%3A1032740&x=1#), so you might not want to trust anything I say.

Wait, my finger’s not an orange??

Uh . . . no.

But I’m sure it will someday.


I have blood splatter on my wall from that it happens sometimes especially since my fingers have been poked so many times that they seem callused so I have to squeeze harder.

On occasion that happens, but it usually sprays. Not directly in my mouth, though. I am always a little amazed when that happens.

I squirted myself in the eye once… before I put on my glasses :slight_smile:

I once managed to squirt an entire measure of deworming medicine intended for the dog right into my mouth. Probably because I was telling him to hold still for pity’s sake. It really did taste like bananas, as advertised. Sorry this happened to you, but your drawing made me laugh.

that happened to me when a nurse was taking my blood a few years ago… it went all over her shirt

glad I could provide some comic relief!

Haha! I like your picture looks like you drew it in Paint! :slight_smile:

No, hasn’t happen to me yet but I got plenty of time. Normally I what happens is that I think my finger stopped bleeding and I go do stuff and get blood on things like papers or my clothes. Hate that!

Your blood must really flow out good! Mine takes a bit of coaking sometimes - nothing worse than a painful prick and no blood comes out and I have to pick another finger! But I bleed better on the fingers than I do for my veins - the nurses can’t find a good vein on me ever! It takes them half an hour of poking around and manipulating the pricker and switching nurses to get blood from me. I feel bad for them! :slight_smile:

But your picture reminded me of those scenes in the comedy movies like where someones finger gets chopped off or they have an IV on them and the blood comes squirting out straight towards the sky!

oh, yes…many times (: i have had it spray all over my face and wall, too! haha the joys of “d”!

I’ve shot myself in the eye many times

Happened to me many times. Not just my mouth, often lands in my nose, or sprays all over my glasses and face :-).

Seems most likely to happen in cool weather… I think the lancet itself draws a tiny little droplet out of the skin, the outer surface of the blood coagulates quicker in the cold weather, then when you squeeze it it’s like a water balloon exploding.


Oh yeah! Mostly squirts all over my face and glasses. Worse is when I am doing it at work and it squirts my blouse from top to bottom … of course, a white blouse. One time, I squirted it all over the nurse standing 2 feet in front of me!!


You mean like this?