Blood spraying or squirting from infusion site

Does anybody on the pump ever experience blood squirting or spraying out when removing their infusion site?

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Happened to me a couple times. I'd notice it was feeling itchy. When I pulled the cannula out, it looked like I'd been shot.

Random gushers are a real treat. I now wear an apron while pulling out an old site so that if I start squirting I don't ruin by clothes.

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Yes, it happened to me a few times but, it happens OFTEN with my Sensors. I still remember the first time it happended to me. I freaked out and ran to get my husband. I still laugh about it!

So now, I take note not to insert in those areas that tend to bleed.

this has happened to me once also. i pulled out the old infusion set and was prepe for the new one when i felt wet around my waist band. looked over and i was dripping pretty good. spoke with my medtronics rep and she has had it happen also. she said just place a finger over it and apply pressure for a minute and it should always stop. scared the hell out of me first time (only time so far). but it has made me aware to look at it when i remove it now.


Thanks for passing along the “finger pressure on the site for one minute” idea. The very first site I removed after reading your advice turned out to be a bleeder. I immediately put my finger on the site and held for a minute. It worked perfectly even though I take aspirin every day.

The simplicity of the idea almost embarrasses me since I have blood stained many clothes over the years when I didn’t have a tissue ready. Thanks for this idea!

It hasn't happened to me often, but one time I had a real gusher...unfortunately, it was on the backside of my hip and I didn't notice it until I slipped on the floor, which had a red puddle on it!

And since I take aspirin, too, it seems to take way more than a minute for the bleeding to stop...even my finger sticks take longer to stop bleeding. But surprisingly, I don't have any more frequent gushers than I did before aspirin therapy...thank goodness!


every once in a awhile. i've noticed that the site is bothersome...tender and itchy. when i pull the port, blood will gush out. i've always assumed that i traversed a small vein or capillary and blood was pooling through-out the duration of the port which acts like a tamponade and when i pull the port the tamponade is removed and therefore allows it to bleed.

ugh yep not saying anything though

Good idea there i hadn't thought of doing that!

Yep just happened about 5 minutes ago. I always change sites early in the AM before a shower so it's not much of an issue.

I too get that tingling, itchy sensation and elevated blood sugars before I have a "gusher"

I used to have more of a problem with putting on a nice crisp new work shirt and tie and then bolusing on the fly with my novopen through the sleeve of the shirt, just about to leave the house and you notice a big spot of blood on your arm. Gah!

I've never experienced spraying or squirting but I have had a little but bubble up before. I guess it just depends on the location of where your infusion set was placed. I;ve noticed at times where it is more sensitive on certain areas of my stomach than others are. Not sure if that helped.

I get more of a stream than squirting or spraying. I usually lie on the floor and put pressure on it w/ paper towels. It seems to take about 10 minutes to stop most of the time and is sort of inconvenient. I change sets in the kitchen so I don't mess up the floor...

Once in a while I'll have a bit of blood and a cotton ball with finger pressure works good. Sometimes I have some dried blood under the tape of the infusion set, sometimes that would clog up the tube and often the pump would beep an alarm that there was an obstruction, sometimes it wouldn't, yet if my bg was going hi I would switch the site and see that the tube had filled with blood, switching from silhouette to quick-set with a shorter cannula helped that. I haven't noticed any particular area of my abdomen that this occurs, yet sometimes if the site feels uncomfortable, irritated or painful, I remove right away and re-insert. Anyway, the squirting and spraying has only happened to me twice,,, a few months ago, after some intense exercise, my pump ran out, I pulled the insertion out,,, and omg,,, the blood sprayed, I guess not squirt - cuz that may mean intermittent, it was spray, like a kung fu movie when someone's leg or arm gets cut off - and the blood sprays. I think I was in shock by it, cuz I just stood there staring at it, blood sprayed all over the wall, a huge puddle on the floor. My friend walked into the kitchen, grabbed some paper towels and it soaked up about 30 paper towels and took about 15 minutes before the bleeding stopped. I was surprised, no bleeding or tenderness remained in the area, but I had kept pressure on it for about 10 more minutes after the bleeding stopped. I have never been freaked out by blood, mine or anyone else's, but this experience did freak me out. I have had finger pricks spray a stream of blood, and often thought it was cool. One time I got my blood testing fingers slammed in a car door, and all the little finger pricks opened up and sprayed. As a kid, I was frequent to nose bleeds, I had my nose cauterised three times. I don't have nose bleeds any more, and I don't bruise very easily.

I am curious about the itchy, tingling sensation, and 'gushers'. The nosebleeds as a kid were really bad before diagnosis of diabetes. And if my bg is running hi, about 200 or 300,,, which isn't that often, I will also get an itchy, tingling sensation around the infusion site, or all over my body, it feels like my skin is crawling.

I think the condition is 'blood-heat', and interesting, the site of the infusion that bleed like I described, did not bruise, Yet it is now where a white patch of vitiligo is,,, a red itchy circle remained around the white patch. And before the white patch, it was just very itchy in the area. I have avoided the area for insertion. Oh, my poor tummy, has sure taken it for a lot of years...

My medtronic rep and endo told me to put a warm cloth on this and let the blood ooze out so it doesn't pool under the skin and bruise. weird. it happened one time. the very very first infusion (the one where i was practicing with saline)
After one day it hurt so bad, and i could see the blood from the top of the site. it bled for a good 5-10 minutes. at work. so embarassing.

It happened a few times when testing. I thought it was kind of cool.

I've had a few gushers. Usually the set hurts or else I can see through the plastic window that there's blood. This time I had no warning and of course was wearing my white sleep shorts...could have been something more expensive than sleep shorts from Walgreen's though! I've never had one from testing - I can't imagine that's as much blood as the infusion set! But yeah I find them kind of amusing too.

This blood squirting or spraying has also happened to me on occasion, usually when I least expect it. Now I remove the infusion set (Silhouette or Sure-T) very cautiously and try to have a kleenex handy. I once pricked my finger with a lancet, applied a little pressure so I could get a drop of blood for testing blood sugar - and was I surprised when quite suddenly it spurted across the table at home and just missed the wall. Fortunately that doesn't happen often.