So much blood - What do you use to clean up after you prick your finger?

Small topic - but what do you other folks use to clean your finger/arm, whatever, after extracting that drop of blood? I take a piece of toilet paper 3 squares long, fold it into thirds, or to the size of one square, then fold that into quarters. -Tuck it in with my meter, dinger and strips...It lasts for 2-3 days...

My tongue -gentle shrug- ... no need to clean beyond that (: s

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Oh gosh! If I didn't hate the taste of blood that would make it soooo much easier! Good for you!

Yeah, my TP square is pretty durable and absorbent. I love Amtrak! Kleenex - nice!

Hi all,
I just use a kleenex or whatever type tissue I have handy....fold it up and put it with my machine. usually last at least a few days!!!

Like Stuart I use the tongue and an additional napkin. But be aware that this will lead to small traces of blood in your stool. Most tests for darm bleeding will detect theses small traces and you most likely will have a false positive result. Just something to keep in mind.

I just lick if off most of the time..."Recycle"

+1 licker!

You guys are grossing me out!! No licking for me. Tales of the "Twilight " series.. I generally keep a teeny bottle of hand sanitizer in my purse. I keep those little portable tissue packs and pull out one to be used through the day .Sometimes if I remember, I buy old-school alchohol swipes and carry them. I do not want any remnants of blood( nor saliva) on my hands.

God bless,

I'm a licker, too. Just easier.


Years ago when meters required giant drops of blood I used a tissue. Now, I just lick my finger, unless I'm in a meeting or with a client, in which case I keep a folded-up piece of paper towel in my meter case to use (I just find that doesn't work as well). As a teenager I got in the habit of using the inner hem of my shirt or pants, and I still sometimes find myself doing that today if I'm at home in comfy clothes.

I'm with Judith, I also use one of those "pick-a-size" paper towels folded into quarters. As she says it lasts a long time. You can also cut said paper towels into 1"x1" squares and put them in with your meter if you're on the go. No licking for me unless I'm in a pinch and have no other choice.

That's what exactly what I do. I'm also immuno-suppressed, thanks to the medications I must take to keep my transplanted kidney going strong. So far, I've never had a problem from all the finger poking I do. I guess the vampire in me loves it! I never would have guessed that so many people would answer this question the same way.

I used to use a paper towel folded to fit my test kit size. Earlier this year I saw another T1 lick her finger. I quickly adopted that mode as simpler. I did this in a full conference room yesterday. I'm not sure if anyone noticed, nor do I care!

I use a cotton pad - like you would use to remove makeup. Lasts for at least a couple of weeks.

I've always kept tissue boxes all over my house (must be Puffs!)due to allergies, so I just grab one for my fingers. I agree with Brunetta that it sometimes leaves a trace residue, but my fingers are very dry so I wouldn't want to use alcohol. When I'm away from home I keep a folded tissue in my test kit where I slip the used strip and dab my fingers.

Like those round quilted ones? I use those to clean my basset hound's inner ears... "Lasts a couple of weeks" sounds good to me. -Will give it a try.

All these lickers! Who knew!

+1 with all the lickers.

Click, prick, squeeze, touch strip, lick, done. :)

Ha ha! Sounds like haiku!