Hate Vegetables? You might have super-taster genes

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Could be an Eating Disorder.

Funny thing about those sorts of (speculative) studies, is that they suggest that vegetables taste bad, and only those of us with crappy tastebuds enjoy them :smile:

My wife swears she has the “Cilantro = Soap” Gene, but I suspect she just doesn’t like some things cause she ain’t used to 'em…


It’s totally true that you like things better the more you eat them (mostly).

I’m not a big veggie person. Many veggies taste bitter and disgusting to me, and I’ve wondered if I had this gene in the past. But since going on a very low-carb diet, I’ve forced myself to eat more veggies, and I find I like them a little more, although I often still have to smother them in DF margarine and nutritional yeast to really enjoy them.

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If you never eat vegetables or fruits, won’t you come down with scurvy ?


I think you would have to make a real effort to get scurvy, LOL.

I, personally, love vegetables. But, I also love coffee and have no sense of taste or smell, barely. They have been talking about this for 20 years.

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I eat a bowl of fruit for breakfast, part of a weight loss deal for my Cardiologist. I eat a salad for lunch, same pretext. Dinner, I just promise myself to leave something on the plate. No scurvy, here.

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I quite like vegetables myself, but I also quite like almost everything. Fermented, meat, sour, sweet, fatty, lean, don’t matter to me. I love it all (although I mostly skip the carbs these days). My tastes have changed through the years though: I once hated green beans, but now am rather fond of them; broccoli is, perhaps, the best thing on the planet.

Only things I literally can’t eat (they make me uncontrollably vomit) are summer squash, zucchini, and cantaloupe. Probably because we had so many of those in the garden growing up that we’d eat them three or four times a day, for my entire childhood.


A lot depends on how you cook or present vegetables. A nice sauce or salad dressing with a salad makes all the difference. A vinaigrette with extra virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar adds a bit of pizazz to your salad as well as a nutritional bonus. Vegetables are not at all bitter when cooked until just tender (I steam mine) and add a knob of butter and a squeeze of lemon juice. I simply can’t stand the taste of margarine quite apart from the fact that I think it is just a trans fat.

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Or how you don’t cook them. I find that there are many vegetables that i truly love if they are raw and in a salad. These same vegetables I really hate if cooked or steamed or whatever. Leafy green things work best for me if left uncooked, same with broccoli , cauliflower, radishes and carrots.


I’d never heard of this but now I “kinda” understand why certain vegetables taste horrible to me. Good examples are Cauliflower (I HATE it, tastes like dirt to me and I can’t be anywhere near it when its cooking), Turnips, Brussel Sprouts, even lettuce has a bitter aftertaste, especially Romain, Spinach, and Radishes (although I can choke them down).

I’m not sure I’m a super-taster as the article calls it, but I did have a strange experience year before last that’s sort of related. I had to have my appendix removed (at age 51) and after the operation my sense of smell was highly enhanced and drove me crazy for about 6 months.


Super tasters also tend to dislike coffee…too bitter.

In my life experience super tasters are chefs.

Ok, I love veggies. I hate coffee. That’s a good thing about the veggies lol, since I’m a vegan. But I was raised eating veggies or fruits with every meal, but I didn’t like some veggies when I was younger but was always told to take a couple of bites at least. And then when I first became a vegetarian I put sauces etc all over the ones I didn’t like and ate them that way. This also worked for boyfriends at the time that didn’t like veggies. And then somewhere along the line I started liking every veggie out there.

So I have a feeling it’s what you’re brought up to eat and also what tastes you get used to or learn to eat.

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