Why does the word DIET have to sound so evil?

Before I begin rambling I want to share this link. It has a lot of interesting recipes on it, I was especially drawn into the vegan stir fry.

When you think of the word diet you suddenly think of all the foods you love to eat that you should not be eating and that really sets you back. What people forget is that eating healthy can taste good too. And if need be, order a pizza once and in a while because it’s bad to ignore your cravings for these things, typically the more you crave bad foods the bigger you’ll splurge and stray from your diet. Well, the hubby and I have made a major diet change. Usually we are carb junkies but for about a week now we have cut carbs down to a minimum. Instead of pastas or rice we’ve been eating lots and lots of vegies, and I mean lots! One night I made stuffed peppers with pork sausage and for the side I threw together like a corn, pea, and shrimp casserole flavored with a little bit of tequilla and lime salsa. It was good actually. Last night I wanted to grill an artichoke but I screwed it up beyond all belief trying to prep it, lol, I watched a ton of videos on youtube.com on how to prep them so if there’s a next time I know better. Reading directions is not the same as watching. Don’t get me wrong, I know my way around the kitchen and I can cook a mean meal but I’m no chef Ramsey, haha. I think my favorite food item so far has been all the grilled corn we’ve been making, so good. I’m trying to get the hubby to try more things like eggplant and zucchini but he’s never liked them so I’m trying to slowly introduce it to him and its hard because we go grocery shopping together and every time I try to put one in the cart he rejects it, lol. But today my mom gave me some zucchini plants and he can’t stop me from planting them, muahahaha!! I want to make things like eggplant parmsean, zucchini pasta, and butternut squash soup. But he is very picky when it comes to vegies, he only likes broccoli, carrots, peas, corn, and peppers. Yes I can work with those but I want to work with more, lol. Maybe if I find some interesting recipes he might bite. I should report that I am proud that he’s taken a step towards eating fish. We both used to hate the thought of fish but after a few tries with some mellow tasting fish, we’re liking it, in fact a couple weekends ago we cooked some sword fish steaks on the grill that were marinated with a bit of lemon and garlic, it was super yummy.

Your my official chef, now where’s my food?! How are you doing!?

Hehe, I guess I’ll have to send your meals on over night shipping but I can’t guarantee I won’t get hungry on the way to the post office! Doing good, getting psyched about my birthday tattoo, haha! I’m also psyched about our trip out to Vegas to visit his family and celebrate our second anniversary and as a detour we’re spending a day in California to go to Universal Studios and I can’t wait to go on the Simpsons ride!!! I <3 the Simpsons!!!