Have any of you T1s ever dated another T1?

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I was just wondering…have any of you T1 diabetics here ever had a relationship with another T1?

No, Sadly… I’ve never really even MET another type 1. I know one guy who has type 1, but he’s like… in his mid 30’s. besides, i’m only 17… I don’t even date. i’ll date when i’m ready to get married. but… seriously… now that i think about it, i’d love to date/marry someone else with type 1. i’d be special… and i’d always have someone who understood me (okay, well… not me. i’m pretty hard to understand, lol. but they’d be able to understand what i deal with.)

I agree I think it would be neat because you would have someone who’s daily life is more like your own, and you would both be there to support each other… now I could see some arguments over blood sugars haha.

“damn baby, your consistent blood sugar control is such a turn on.”

“Oh, baby, you’re high. You smell like fruit. [Expletive] me.”

see now thats sexy

Yes, I’ve dated another T1 and after the “expletive”-ing adventures it’s fun to get low together! Ahh… that was YEARS ago! Married now for 15 years and I have to tell you that no matter who you date, T1 or not, just make sure they are 110%+++ supportive of you and your control. That is SEXY! : )

OMG!!! you guys are so making me crack up! lol. why, oh why??? lol.

wow. dino and anna. you totally just made my day. no, my year. thanks.

lol… i just read dino’s again… and had to laugh. only problem, is that it’s about 11:30 here, and my whole family is sleeping in the rooms surrounding mine. so, i’m kinda afraid to read the posts again…

… but, i’m gonna anyways. it’s too funny not to!

oh my gosh! did you just say that!!! LOL!!! “It’s fun to get low together…”. wow. you guys seriously know how to make me laugh.

that’ll be the new diabetic pick-up line… “Let’s get low together, sweet thang.”

Hahahaha! Those pick-up lines are fantastic! Let’s just say that there will be no chocolates involved in Valentine’s Day.

My boyfriend now is T1 like me. We even have the same “brand” pump although different sizes and colors. His pickup line was actually something along the lines of “I have one too” while pointing at my pump as I was trying to tell him my name. Ridiculous!

Anyways, it’s a very unique experience- not having to answer a billion questions about “that thing attached to your stomach” and why you have to poke your fingers, etc., etc. Also, no explanations why in the middle of watching a movie I have to go to the other room to check my blood sugar.

aww!! that must be a pretty special experience to have someone that close to you dealing with the same things.

somebody should write a book of diabetic pick-up lines. okay, i volunteer to put it all together. so… start submitting ideas! lol.

wow. thats gotta be cool.

It is really nice to have someone to talk to and go through the same experiences with.

Not that I was ever shy about being diabetic, I just worried how people would respond to it. Also, because it’s such a big part of my life, I would worry if my boyfriend could handle it without actually having the same experience. Those are obviously not problems, and we understand each other a lot more than someone who is not Type 1 could.

P.S. I’ll start the pick-up line thread- it’s up to you to follow through though.

Yeah, I don’t know if I could ever “go back” to dating non-Ds.

I have only known about 2 in my life. I have never really met many others at all. Lots of type 2’s but no type 1’s. It would be interesting to date a type 1. We could carry around orange juice for each other and give each other shots. Wow that would be something. If I really liked her, I may even let her touch the buttons on my insulin pump.


“…ooh baby I love the way you touch my pump buttons”


Ha Ha Ha!!!

I was dating a non-diabetic when i was diagnosed and he broke up with me a year later. So now that I’m single, I think it would be neat to date another T1 only because they get me. But at the same time, I’m scared to get into a relationship

Never dated another T1 but my first kiss was a T1 girl at diabetes camp one summer. I guess that counts.
Knowing what a pain in the butt I can be when my bg is rising and falling, I think a T1 girlfriend would be intolerable. Women are half-crazy anyway, and both of us dealing with diabetes-induced mood swings would push it over the edge.

On the other hand …