Would you date another diabetic?

I'm a 22 year old single T1 diabetic and I'm so curious as to what everyone else thinks about that question. I think it would be great to date a fellow diabetic since we'd understand what the other is going through. On the other hand, it could get too crazy quickly. What do you think?

I've thought about it... it would be nice because you can understand what the other is going through..or borrow supplies from each other..look after each other..but man think of the medical bills together!...

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If I was single, it wouldn't be a drawback at all. Maybe not one with terrible control as I wouldn't have the energy to manage us both, but it would be nice to have a teammate in the ongoing fight.

Like Shayla said though, the medical costs wouldn't be very fun.

My boyfriend and I are both T2. I'm 29 and he's 30, we've been together for 6 years. He had the big D first (since he was 13 or 14) and I was diagnosed just about 1 year ago.

It's nice because we can relate and sometimes share strips. Since we are both T2, we have to watch our carbs and it's easier since we're in the same boat. I think it would be so much harder to be in a relationship with someone who doesn't eat the way I do.

We like to play "who has the better bg" sometimes. Occasionally we'll test at the same time and get the same number.

I still have a hard time in situations where I'm around all non-diabetics, like in my classes in college. I feel so different, especially in situations involving food and since we often spend almost the entire day together, that's pretty often. It's nice to come home to someone who is just like me and understands.

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Man I think I would get too competitive if I played "who has the better bg" with anyone!

We are all smokin' hot so, if I wasn't married I wouldn't exclude us... I agree w/ Shayla about the medical bills being gnarly though...

LOL, I agree that sometimes some hypos aren't really bad, it's like the green light goes on the fridge!

I agree completely…I’ve been diabetic for 34 years and I doubt very highly anyone without any experience with this could even fathom the things it’s done to my life. I’d date another diabetic in a heartbeat.


Absolutely I would.

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im having a dating dry spell lately, id date whoever!!
seriously, tho, i would.

I dated a T1D my junior year of high school. I was not a T1D yet but it was a strained relationship, her mum kept her tucked under her wing and although I could spend endless hours at her house her mum would only let us go out for 3 hours on Friday or Saturday night. Her mum was shell shock like the veterans coming home from the war unfortunately the endless days of constant worry had taken it's tole on her. Her mum
was very good to me and I tried to help her anytime I could.

I have met many T1D moms at local pump meetups and they can be a little stressed at times (actually that's a understatement)...I can't imagine how bad it could get for two T1D's trying to date while their mum's battled it out over all kinds of "D" related issues. I think it would make a good weekly TV show.

Me too!

I would date someone diabetic as I think they would understand a lot more of what I'm going through, but I guess it also could turn into only talking about diabetes which I'm doing too much of at the moment maybe. One friend I go out with a fair amount before and after my diagnosis just doesn't seem to get it- I have tried to introduce him to the idea of low carb eating and he is trying it and turning his whole family on to it but he doesn't really eat low carbs when he eats out which is frequently. What we mostly did was eat out at good restaurants and I just don't feel comfortable doing that anymore as I have so many limitations now, including the portion size which is always way too large. I don't know if i can be around people who don't eat low carb now, it's too much temptation etc.

I think there was a very similar discussion on the Single Diabetes group. Here is the link
Also, there are some more similar discussions which you can checkout and may be you find someone in that group you may find attractive. Cheers :)

Absolutely I would. I’m single and would love nothing more than to date a fellow diabetic. Cooking healthy meals together would be fun. We could exercise together. Hold each others hand when going down the candy aisle at the store ( I’m weak :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) And if I couldn’t make it to my glucose tabs I’m sure with him being in the same boat as me AND with also caring about me he would grab my tabs :wink: It IS the small things after all. I I want to make someone happy. Who better than another diabetic. Someone that another woman might not understand. I’m all in :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Medical bills wouldn’t be an issue for me tho. I’m a Veteran and all my care and supplies are free because I am considered service connected for disabilities

I agree Eric. I was diagnosed 12 years ago and no one I have dated (there has only been 2) since then has ever made an effort to know what is going on with me. From What I can eat to what is an acceptable low number or an acceptable high number. They were unaware as to why I had to protect my feet. Just things like that. I guess I’m just different. If I’m your woman I’m here to help you so I will find out everything I need to know. Hence why dating a fellow diabetic would be nice

I never dated another t1, but I had a roommate who was. Neither of us knew we were getting a diabetic roommate.
We ended up being close however we would argue a lot about food and judge each other more than most.
I could always see his diabetes mistakes and he could see mine but our own issues were tough to see.
This is back when we tested once a day if that and took NPH and regular insulin’s.
I would nag him about meal times. And we rescued each other many times from low sugars.
I did worry about him when he was on dates cause he liked to drink some.
I would test his sugars sometimes when he would come home drunk.
I didn’t drink much but I would forget to bring insulin or syringes etc.
it worked out but it made for a very loud and very hyped situation.
We’re both married now but we keep in touch. Neither of us have any diabetic complications, and we both are on tslim.
We still compete with a1c and total daily dose.
I can see how dating would be a similar thing, just without the sex thing.

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