Have to Remove G5 Transmitter Every Day

I had to remove my G5 Transmitter when I had a MRI. Not a big deal.

Well the MRI showed I had a bone infection in my foot. (Poor blood circulation). Next step is to try to cure the bone infection with HBO (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. With HBO, I have to breath 100% Oxygen in a pressurized chamber every day, for 90 minutes, for 30-40 days.

Like the MRI, I have to remove my transmitter when I lie inside the chamber. After, I had hoped I could restart my CGM when I put the G5 transmitter back in. It seems like every time you remove the transmitter you have wait 2 hours for the sensor. Anybody know if this is correct or if there is a way to bypass the 2 hour wait period?

2nd Separate Question. I use the Xdrip Application with my Dexcom G5. I am trying to reset the Transmitter days to zero to get a few extra days, maybe 40, out of my transmitter. My G5 transmitter is currently at 102 days. I tried “Enable Engineering Mode” and then “Hand Reset Transmitter” but it does not reset my transmitter days in the System Status. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

With G5 transmitter, I think xDrip keeps reading without having to do reset. Are you also using G5 app or receiver? A G5 trans reset would allow those to see new days count. Or newer G5 transmitters may have new logic to prevent.

G6 transmitter resets with older ones, but they keep updating newer G6 that makes reset harder, or not work at all.

It would be great if the transmitter simply keeps going. I don’t Need to see a NEW day count but thought I needed to use Engineering mode. I will try this. Does this work of If am in NATIVE mode and NOT in NATIVE mode?
Thanks, MM1.

Check details here. I have only done G6 reset. It is from 2017, so more recent G5s may need reset

I would just take the transmitter off and put it back on, and do nothing else. Should be fine.
On android I couldn’t reset the G5 for the longest time. But at some point it changed and I could do it.
But if you are using Xdrip, you don’t need to reset the transmitter, it just keeps reading it. This is what I did for the longest time when I would change batteries. Xdrip doesn’t care about resetting it. Only the receiver or pump cares.

Not sure, but if you are only using phone with xdrip, and not dexcom app or receiver, then I would try the following before MRI.

Put the phone in a faraday case RFID blocking (on Amzn). This will block communication with transmitter. Then remove transmitter. Phone just thinks it lost connection/out of range. After treatment, put transmitter back on sensor, maybe wait 5 minutes, then take phone w/xDrip out. Once it reconnects, it might work without thinking its a new sensor.

So leave everything runnin? I shouldn’t shut off the sensor?

Okay now I have a few things to try. Thanks very much.

My third day of HBO this morning. HBO getting better except my ears still blocked.

Today, took the transmitter out but did nothing to stop the sensor and hours later I put the transmitter back in, the CGM worked. No two hour delay. HOORAY!

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Tried today. Exactly right, just took the transmitter out and hours later back in and it worked, no two-hour delay. Hopefully, I will do nothing to G5 while on phone and on Xdrip app and my transmitter will keep going until it dies. Easy answer to both questions. Thanks

Yeah, while using xdrip, just let it roll… Easy Peasy

Hi Hammer,

Re: avoiding the 2 hour sensor wait.

Can I use G5, phone and Xdrip native and will the CGM still work after I take the transmitter off and then put it in? Will keep the Receiver turned off.

Today I used G5, phone and Xdrip non-native and it worked but sometimes the Dexcom readings (Xdrip native) work better than Xdrip non-native. Receiver had been off for days.

Hope the answer is Yes, I can do both.

Even the receiver shouldn’t have a problem with the G5 being taken off. I think they only really have issues with the G6 as that is part of the restart, and how they try and make sure it is removed for a restart. I don’t think any of this logic applies to the G5 transmitters.

To be honest though, I haven’t used a receiver in a LONG time, so I cannot honestly answer that it will work flawlessly. It is just a guess on my part.

I used both the receiver and xdrip concurrently with the G5 without issues. I did this because so I would have a backup when my phone battery went dead or it started having issues with missed Bluetooth communications.

When resetting the transmitter (not needed if using xdrip only), give it time. The reset communication may be delayed up to 5 minutes, and then it will take at least another 5 minutes before the transmitter days will revert back to day 1. If after a day the transmitter is still 100+ days, try the reset again.

I don’t recall if it was an Xray or an MRI, but I totally forgot to remove my transmitter once. I didn’t realize it until the doctor pointed to two circles on his screen and asked: “What’s that?” Apparently, G5 batteries are picked up quite well by an MRI or Xray.

I have not tried it with a G6, and I will not intentionally do so because it may zap the transmitter. Perhaps if I happen to have an MRI scheduled on day 163, I may try subjecting the transmitter to an MRI/Xray since breaking it when it is that old is no big deal (unless you are one that replaces old batteries).

Be glad you are still using the G5; the G6 is difficult to remove from the sensor without breaking the sensor.

Thanks for your comments. I could not get the G5 to set to zero on Xdrip or even restart as the transmitter was beyond 100 days. Live and learn.

Re:MRI. Funny you should say that. Before I signed up for Oxygen therapy, they told me the risks are my body could catch on fire (if I took a newspaper in to read), my lungs could collapse (if I held my breath), etc. I even have to be “grounded” before they put me in the chamber. No problem, right?

Last Monday I was wearing both the G5 andG6. That’s when I discovered I could not pull the G6 transmitter off the sensor so I was forced to rip the sensor off after only 3 days. Guess what, I forgot to take out the G5 transmitter and went into the Oxygen chamber.

My nightmare was coming true. I would catch on fire as there are magnets in the transmitter and even if i alerted someone, it would take 5-10 minutes to depressurize me and pull me out and I was in a very claustrophobic chamber where I could barely move. Well I am still here. I pulled the G5 transmitter out and they told me to place it underneath my pillow. Lucky it wasn’t the G6. Then I might not be here.

FYI, the G6 transmitter I am currently using, I reset at 125 days or so. You can’t start a session after 110 days (except with xdrip), but until the battery goes dead, I think you can reset it – it just has to be paired to, and within range of, the phone running xdrip configured with that xmitter ID.


Just started using Xdrip. So if I use the x app the G6 transmitter will last until I decide to use engineering mode and reset it? Or until it just dies of course.

With xdrip, the transmitters last until the battery goes dead. And even then, if you are creative, you can replace the battery.

The benefit with resetting a transmitter after 100 days or so, is that it can continue to be used with the Dexcom app or the receiver (or a Tandem pump) – until the battery goes dead.

But even after the battery goes dead, it can be replaced and then the transmitter reset. However, replacing the battery is not a trivial task, especially since it needs to be waterproof.

I use Xdrip and Dexcom G5 receiver. When I had a G4 no issues with signal loss occured .
With G5 I had issues until I learned that g5 receiver really has to be close to me most of the time, Not so with the G4.
Also with Xdrip I lose connections as well. I usually restart the collector to get back on track. . Maybe a BT issue