Have you ever cut yourself and thought

Skeeters do not bother me at all, maybe it’s from the sugar level.

The cat found the hidden catnip jar before bed, knocked it of the shelf, and got it open. Enjoyed it thoroughly!!! She prowled, stalked and attacked pretty viciously, with literally no warning at all. My calf and my hand were carved up pretty good… bleeding from several cuts, and deep punctures.

I wondered where the meter was… and then if I should test THE CAT !!! -lol-


Hello Kimberly:

Diabetics are vampire’s favorite foods!!! Why else would they SLEEP all day long!!! Drank from us, got DKA… a duuuuuuh -ROFL-


I have totally done this before, unfortunately I have Dermatillomania so my body is riddled with small cuts and deep black scars throughout my body and when I pick myself, I feel a release and virtually no pain so I take advantage. Not the best or healthiest thing to do but I often find myself afraid of the tiny lancet. :frowning: I have a started a group for Diabetics with Dermatillomania, if anyone out there has this or knows someone who may have it, can join. :slight_smile: Link on my page in the “groups” section. :heart: