Have you ever cut yourself and thought

Quick, get the glucose meter? Haha. Just curious. I almost ran for it today. :slight_smile:

Crossed my mind … =)

Haha, i’ve acutally cut myself and checked my bg just out of curiosity.

Judith have you ever seen an obese robin? Me either so worms must be low in carbs. :slight_smile: I would rather be wondering how many carbs are in that juicy robin. LOL

LOL Every time!

OMG Judith, now that is BAD! lolololol I will now wonder the same. (Have you ever researched it? Now I’M curious.)

Yes! And even if I see someone else bleeding, I wanna check their bg! :slight_smile:

It’s in the carb counting book. Gross.

I have been thinking this around my period. Eek! I could have several days off from poking but I am supposing it isn’t the right blood. Darn. :slight_smile:

LOL Kimberly. How easy would that be? But you’re right. Wrong type.

I always use the blood from fresh cuts though. My Hubby even asks me to test him if he gets a cut when he’s in the house.

Holy smokes Batman, I’m not alone. I did this last week, cut myself at work and my second thought when the blood appeared was “What a waste of blood, maybe I’ll test”, as I headed for the first aid kit". (My first thought was “Oh sh**, that was stupid”.) I decided it wasn’t all that obsessive and apparently from this thread quite common.

Yeah, like every time I cook something or make a salad, there’s an opportunity to check my BG :slight_smile:

I think Vampires would probably stay away from us. We would be on their “Do not snack on list”. Their teeth would rot away from drinking our sugary blood. LOL!

I am wondering if mosquitoes feel the same way!

Anyone notice if they get less or more bit by mosquitoes being D? Mosquitoes usually don’t bite me while everyone around me gets eaten alive and it has been like that for quite a while - although I was just diagnosed so don’t know long I have been D. Hmm…interesting.

Hmmm - haven’t had a mosquito bite since I’ve been diabetic. I’m not in an area with a huge number of mosquitoes but my kids get bitten in the summer and I never do. Makes me think.

Maybe being diabetic is a natural mosquito repellant? The mosquitoes don’t like blood high in sugar. :slight_smile:

I always check when I draw blood I mean no reason to waste perfectly good blood and besides saves a finger poke

in the area where I live, mosquitos apparently have a sweet tooth because I get bitten all the time :slight_smile:

I thought I was the only one.

Bugs love my blood. And I have the scars to prove it.