How old is the meter you are using?

Just wondering what is the lifespan of a BG Meter? and how old is the one that you use and depend on?

I’ve heard that meters should be replaced every two years.

Wow! That’s a good question! I know one is only about a year old, as I lost one last year and replaced it, but I’m not 100% sure how old the other one is?

here is a link to the question on dlife

Mine are at least 4 or so years old, and performing like stars. I get my supplies through Liberty, and won’t replace meters until they offer me free ones, LOL!!

My two meters that are almost 4 years old. Just replaced the batteries. They keep on ticking …

The longest I used a meter was seven years. I used a Bayer Dex from about 1996 to 2003. And before that I used a small black meter I can’t recall the name of from 1991 to 1996. But then, in the '90s I don’t think they had a slew of new meters coming out every year.

I have no fewer than 5 meters floating around my house at any given time. I usually try to replace them around the 2 year mark, or sooner if I notice I’m getting some wacky readings. I generally use all One Touch meters, but have a Bayer one somewhere around here too…

Sounds like most of us have a collection of the blood suckers!! I use the bayer usb model, love it., have a few around for backup meters…also since I am in florida I have one in my hurricane pak and go kit…

I have had an Accu-Chek Aviva for about 4 years now. I have never had to replace the batteries and has seemed to always work great for me until the other night when I tested with a One Touch Mini meter and the Accu-Chek was about 10 mg/dl higher than the One Touch. I know all meters differ some but maybe it is time to get a new one? I would say about 4-5 years is the lifespan of most meters if they are not having any problems. New technology comes out almost every year so replacing an old meter with a newer model might also have some benefits in testing or more accurate numbers.

I have 4 meters spread over around the house, car and carry on…my very first meter (4 years old now) is measuring up pretty good with its newer siblings =)

One touch Ultra Link, 4 years old:, mini-link, 2 years old. Had a back up one touch Ultra Link that was 2 years old, but It was misplaced. Both still work just fine.

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1 Wavesense Presto is my main meter, 2 years old, replaced batteries once. 1 same brand as a backup still in the box. 1 Bayer USB that I use to check my main meter. So far my main meter still seems to be accurate.

I just got a new meter, so it’s less than 6 mos.

I’ve replaced mine every three years. But as they get spendier and my income gets lower, I may have to use it longer,unless I can find a company that gives them away. The I have two right now, a LIFESCAN and a Diabetes club one…the second one is far more accurate, than the lifescan…so I’ll use the one that is more accurate for about another year, and then see if I can get one that is cheaper than the LIFESCAN one.

Mine must be about three or four years old. I got it when my other one conked out. Shortly after that, I got a back-up meter. they are both One-Touch meters. I hope to soon replace both of them with a One-touch that communicates with and Animas Ping.

I have an UltraSmart that is about 6 years old, at least, and it still works!

Thank you all for your reply, I was checking to see if I am a “meter nut” like Chadd I have started a collection of them as well. started out just wanting to make sure I have a back up with me and it has saved me more than once when forgetting my daily meter. I now use the bayer USB and like it very much. the computer software that comes with it works great, every time I go to the doc I print out my log and give it to him…makes it much easier to see the big picture. hope all of you are doing well

I understand about “meter nut” – I have several, some still in their original packaging! Don’t blame me, they were freebies forced on me! :slight_smile: But I don’t know why I don’t get rid of them – they’re just taking up space.

I keep one meter by my bedside, and one in my purse, and don’t have a problem with that. I never have to remember to take it with me, and my house is not so large that I can’t go to my bedroom and test there whenever I need to. I just have to remember to switch them out every so often so that strips don’t expire.

I have amassed several diabetic gadgets!! and this is provoking some thoughts, I would like to start and setup some type of “exchange” or collection type entity that would help get donated diabetic supplies and gadgets to those who cannot afford them or don’t have insurance…