Have You Had Any Longterm Success With A Type 2 Med?

This is my third month on Tudiabetes. I have been trying to learn as much as I can. I have read that many people have had success with Metformin as long as you learn to time it correctly. I have also read that many people have had success with insulin. Have you had any longterm success with Byetta etc.?

De[ends on what your definition of “long temr” is, I guess. I tried metformin for about a year and was fine, until it suddenly didn’t work well with the arthritis med I was taking, after having taken both of them together for a year…but it worked for me.
Byetta was the same way, I took it for a year, had great results both with my numbers and with my weight…then had to add another med or change one rather, and it didn’t go together, so had to change it. As I have said over and over, diabetes is not rocket science,there are things that change, like just your body, that make changes necessary. You may never be on a med forever…life changes and so does diabetes. It appears that just as I think I have it all figured out, something changes, and poof, I have to change with it. Insulin we haven’t tried yet, but after being resistant to it for 9 years out of 11, I’m ready, but even that doesn’t guarantee a “forever” thing.

Thanks for responding Cathy. I really don’t know much about Byetta so it’s good to know that it worked for you for awhile. It’s too bad that it didn’t work with your other med. I was also wondering about the side effects. Did Byetta cause GI issues for you?

I was doing pretty well on metformin, low carb diet and exercise for 2 years. Then suddenly my fasting jumped 20 to 30 points which ruined the rest of my day. Luckily I had a Dr. appointment soon after this started and am now on Victoza in addition to metformin. I’ve only been on it a couple of days and am still on 1/2 dose but it has made a dramatic change in my sugar. No GI issues but I do get a headache after I inject it. This seems to be going away. If I get the weight loss some people experience I will be a very happy camper, but the main thing is getting my numbers back where I like them to be.

I have thought I had things pretty much under control, several times, with months of stable numbers only to have it all fall apart. I think it’s important to keep testing even when you are stable and act if the diabetes gods throw you a curve ball.

Hi BadMoonT2: Thanks for the information. It is really helpful. I hope this works for you.

Someone on another thread said that she lost 10lbs on Victoza and then discontinued it because of the GI problems. She also said that she is doing fine without it now. I hope you get the weight loss too and can go back to the Metformin, exercise and low carb routine.

Do you know why the fasting numbers suddenly went up? I have had some problems over the years when the summer has been really hot. Not sure what it’s been like where you are but it’s been really hot here so I made sure that I escaped it and stayed indoors during the day.

It’s so good to know that the numbers came into line immediately. That is for sure the most important goal. Thanks Joanne

Possible reasons for my fasting going up. Despite eating low carb and being fairly diligent about my exercise I have been steadily gaining weight with the resulting theoretical increase in insulin resistance. This is why I’m so hopeful that the Victoza will help me shed a few pounds.

It’s been hot, 100+ for weeks at a time. This made me switch from walking for exercise to riding my elliptical in the AC. I typically walk for 30 min, however when doing the elliptical I give out at around 20 min, my lower back starts to hurt and besides I admit I HATE IT. My observation has been that time of exercise is more important than intensity as far as its effect on my numbers.

I started some new supplements perhaps one of them was causing a problem. I cut them out and will add them back one at at time after I get up to the full dose of Victoza and things stabilize

With so many variables it’s hard to assign cause and effect. I try to change things one at a time and then observe its effect for a week or two.

As of now my numbers are back to where they were before all this started and I’m still on a 1/2 dose. I decided to take a vacation from exercise to see what effect the Victoza has by it self. When I get up to the full dose and start back in exercising I’m hopeful for significant improvement. My Ideal would be to be able to drop the Victoza eventually but only time will tell. No GI issues and the headaches get less and less every day. Having good numbers has had a positive effect on my mental state if nothing else.

I’ve been taking metformin since 1998, but have added other meds over time. The metformin still does it’s job along with amaryl, lantus, and humalog. I’m still working on all the other stuff I have to deal with…

Hi justgeo1,
Thanks so much for responding. Welcome to Tudiabetes. I have only been a member for a few months and I’ve already learned so much! You mentioned that you have “other stuff to deal with”. Do you have diabetes complications? Stay strong! Joanne

No, I have cancer that started out as papillary thyroid cancer and has spread. I can deal with this too. I have many other health issues as well, but I deal with them too… I’m not going to role over and play dead for any disease!!!

Sorry to hear that. It must be so difficult to balance everything. I hope you can find some answers on this site. Joanne

Hi BadMoonT2: How is the Victoza working out?

I have to say my numbers have been amazing and side effects have been minimal. I’ve been on the 1.2 dose for 6 days now. Morning fasting has dropped from the 140s to 102 most days.Before my recent deterioration my fasting was usually around 116. I am still pretty strict with my carbs so spikes have been minimal. Yesterday my range was 102 to 124. Sometimes my 2 hour number is flat or even falls. When I was first diagnosed I routinely tested at one and two hours I may start doing that again, at least some of the time, just to see what is going on.

Also I still haven’t started exercising again. With these results I may have trouble getting motivated. I’ve found Newtons First Law of Motion applies to my exercise schedule just as it does to the Planets “A body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body at rest tends to stay at rest” :slight_smile:

Having said all this Victoza is a new drug and serious side effects could emerge. The cancer warning is ominous and would certainly burst my little balloon.

Hi BadMoonT: Congratulations on the great numbers! I’ve noticed that ,with this insulin resistance problem, lower numbers often go hand-in-hand with weight loss. :slight_smile:

The cancer scare is a concern. Hopefully the Victoza will work so well that you won’t have to take it very long.

I find that the AC at the gym is a great motivator for me in the summer. In the Fall, I need to sign up for classes with a buddy or two so I will be letting someone down if I don’t go. On the weekends, my hubby and I try to go hiking. Hmm… the weekend one doesn’t always work so well. It’s always so much easier to hibernate.

Peetie, got on the scale this morning and I have lost 6 Lbs in 2 weeks. Hope it continues

Fantastic BadMoonT2: Sounds like you weren’t expecting that!! :slight_smile:

Your are a newbie!!! Please do the best you can and educate yourself about diabetes. I was on Byetta for a year and it lost its potency with me. It would drop my BS levels but the appetite suppression withered away. Metformin has been my best friend next to humalog. I was on actos but didn’t feel it working very well.

Gee Christalyn, I wish I was a newbie… well I guess I am on Tu/d.

Since I posted in August, so much has changed. First, most of the drugs like Byetta, Victoza etc. have been linked to cancer. Then, I was diagnosed with cancer myself. I’m not going to take the chance of taking these drugs as I have several other precancerous nodules etc. that are being closely monitored. I have to wait to have the cancer removed because it is on my leg above my knee and I have an infection in my thighs. I can’t take the sulfs because they raised my bs from near normal to 10.1. The only thing I can take is Metformin and I’m on a fairly low dose right now. At least I’ll be able to up it if I need to. I honestly think that a small basal dose of insulin might work but… I’ve fought that battle already. Anyway, my numbers are normal right now and in order to get insulin I would need to let them run very high.

The problem is that I have no idea how to eat right now. I’m a lifetime lowcarber so that’s fine. I am also a teacher and any product containing nuts or seeds have been banned from our School Board. I am on strong antibiotics so I have to avoid dairy. I have been experiencing rapid weight loss since I went all noncompliant and stopped the sulfs at the end of May. I need to do daily vigorous exercise to keep the numbers down. Any ideas?


Metformin and I parted ways a year ago. It’s anecdotal only, but there are a small number of people, myself included, who cannot tolerate it. Believe me, I tried. I tried all the generics as well as Glucophage, but the side effect of horrendous diarrhea was the same. I was using byetta, but have since switched to Victoza as it is a once daily injection. I also inject a small amount on Lantus daily. And even with the risks associated with it, i also take a low dose of Actos too. I miss Metformin!

Hi Ellen. Thanks for your response.

I think there are many people who can’t handle Metformin. I have not felt well since the first day I started it. Right now I’m a bit better because I take one tab which I cut in half and take 2 times a day. I stick the small half tab inside a tablespoon of peanut butter and take it halfway through the meal. Not perfect but most days I manage to avoid the GI issues. Finally after three years of problems!!

I have never had insulin and I’m wondering why you need insulin and meds. I was hoping that the insulin would work well on it’s own. Sounds like it doesn’t? Joanne

How are you guys doing now? Did you find a treatment that was effective? Joanne