Have You Had Any Longterm Success With A Type 2 Med?

It depends on whether you have metabolic syndrome and are not utilizing the insulin you make or take. I take Humalog insulin at meals and Lantus at bedtime and Metformin 2x a day.
I am still having trouble bringing the bs nos down. I have been on metformin since 1992 and still have digestive problems with it. Glipizide was the one that worked best for me early on. But sometimes it works too well and you get lows often. Best to check out all diabetes drugs and their side effects and discuss with your MD as which one is best for you.

Hi Sadiemae. Thank you for responding. I don't think I have metabolic syndrome because only my sugar is high... BP.... cholesterol etc. ... all very low. I don't really know how to figure out why the sugars are high... I just know that I have problems with fasting. I eat very low carb so the post prandials are fine. I didn't have lows on glipizide ... the numbers just kept going higher and higher. This type 2 is so confusing! We are all so different. It's tough to figure out what's going on. BTW I'm just on a low dose of metformin right now.
Hope you are soon able to get your numbers down. Joanne