Have you tried MM Transmitter Patch?

Anyone ordered a box of the adhesive transmitter patches for the MM CGMS sensors? Just wondering if they work well enough to NOT need a protective patch (IV 3000 or the like)? They are a bit pricey…1.40/patch…seems they should include these w/ each of the expensive sensors they sell or put some IV 3000 in each box! They also would have to be replaced every time you remove the transmitter to charge it…or may displace the cannula when trying to remove them…anyone have any experience w/ this to say otherwise? Thanks…always appreciated:)

I’ve seen them at the MM store but I doubt I’ll ever buy any. The IV3000 work just fine for me. I have NO issues with adhesives, so I can use about anything anyway. As long as it stays “stuck” I’m good to go.

I am curious about them because almost every type of adhesive…except that on the QuickSets, irritates my skin. I use IV prep…but, MM say “no” under the sensors. The ONLY protective patch that does not give me major irritation is IV3000…, but I ran into a problem trying to get my transmitter off w/o dislodging the sensor when I needed to recharge. I ran my last sensor for 8 days but, wondered if I could go longer. Any tricks of the trade, much appreciated:) I am a newbie to CGMS…only my 3rd week or so.

you CAN use the iv3000 under the site. I have to as I have a documented allergy, what you do, is where the sensor is to go in, you cut a tiny circle. So, the adhesive part, will lay on the iv3000, but the sensor is not affected. The reason they say you CAN’T use it, is the sensor is porous. If you cut the circle in the iv3000, you do not hinder the the abilities and functions of the CGMS. I also use MM’s CGMS system :slight_smile:

Thanks:) Have thought of doing this as well.

I’ve been curious about this myself - I’ve been using the IV3000 but I dislike the way it leaves stubborn adhesive on the transmitter. Then again, I wonder whether the IV3000 isn’t necessary to keep the site clean. With the Dexcom, you’ve got the site surrounded and covered, but with the MM sensors, it doesn’t seem like the sensor wire opening is quite so isolated.

If anyone has tried these, I’d love to hear about it!