Having a lot of stress right now

I have been having a lot of stress since October 2013. We traded our single-wide mobile home for a double-wide. That means more for me to clean as well as higher expenses. That’s what concerns me most. So what do I do, I eat carbs.

I tried Atkins for 3 days, but it actually increased my blood sugar. I was using some of their meal and snack bars. I was eating them as they suggested, not in addition to regular meals. They are suped ot have aout 3 net carbs, but I wondered if the sugar alcohols had something to do with it.

Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions for getting me off the carb kick, I would love to hear them.

Ila. "All things in moderation, including moderation!" Atkins is a fine Piece of lowering your carb intake. I always have a couple of their entrees in the freezer for when I am too tired to prepare a meal.

It is generally better to kick the carbs with more "real food". It takes awhile for your body to adapt. And it is different for all of us.

We all tolerate different levels of carbs, so you need to test, test, test to figure out how many YOU can tolerate. I do only 25-30 carbs/day, BUT many of us here can handle more...

Don't give up. Moderating your carb intake will eventually help. And eventually you will not feel deprived. There are so many satisfying substitutes available for the things you might miss!.....Blessings and stay in touch...Judith in Portland

Thank you Judith in Portland for the encouragement. I'm trying to keep my hands busy crocheting, and that helps some. Just need to change my way of thinking.

Hi Ila. My husband is our cook. He is a really good cook, but has to work around my Diabetes and Celiac Disease, so he makes a lot of soups and stews. They freeze well, which provides us with something when he doesn't feel like cooking. Another "no cooking" meal is a bought rotisserie chicken with frozen veggies. Salads with boiled eggs are great. I look forward to spring/summer arriving someday when salads are most appreciated. We plant a little herb garden to help out those summer salads. Best wishes.

Thanks Trudy. Hubby cooks breakfast, we snack at lunch, and then I cook supper. I don't like to cook, so usually it's something quick. My biggest problem is not thinking ahead. Gotta start planning.

My problem too, keeping a day or 2 ahead, having fresh veggies salad ready does help. After dinner snacking is the worst for me. Did great last week, goal for this week gonna do the same. ;o)