Having a low and wreck your car door.... a mess!

On Tuesday, I had a low blood sugar of 64… I drank a glass of milk… But didn’t wait for it to come up so I was trying to leave for work… Bad idea wasn’t thinking straight… Well I was backing out of the garage, saw something on my hood, it was a shot glass… So I got out of my car without putting it in park… stupid me… My car door was open and my car was in reverse… rran into the frame of the garage. I cried and I cried… That’s what happens when having a low and can’t think straight… Hayley, my daughter, called my mom, told her what happen and said I wouldn’t be at work because I can’t shut my car door… I’m fine… I think… At least I work with my mom and she’s understanding about my diabetes… I’m glad that my mom doesn’t get mad at me or something else because when I have a low blood sugar at work I get grouchy… She tell me to check my blood sugar and eat then go home when it is safe for me to drive home…

sorry to hear about your accident. the most important thing is that you are ok.


Sorry to hear about the rotten accident.

I just have to say, though, that I’ve done equally stupid things with normal blood sugar–like backing out of my garage without noticing a friend had parked his car at the back of my driveway and plowing right into it.

Sometimes we get distracted, and stuff happens. Sometimes it is from blood sugars, sometimes it is just from being mortal.

Don’t beat yourself up about it. No one got hurt!

Shawna, i have a friend that is not diabetic that has done the exact same thing!!