Having trouble getting insurance to cover or can't afford your meds & supplies? Read this

I have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida. They initially refused to cover my Victoza. This is how we got them to change their mind. My doc gave me some samples to try for 3 months. Drug reps will often help if your doc asks if they know you are trying to get insurance to cover. I also have a CGM sensor (Medtronic) so I checked my BG often. (The sensor allows you to have an online account where you can print off graphs and stats and track your BG and patterns. If you don’t have a sensor, keep good records.) After 3 months, I went back to my doc with printed reports from my sensor that showed before and during the 3 months. My BG was within target range about 25-30% more often. He was able to use the reports and write an appeal to the insurance company explaining how Victoza was helping me have better control and would lessen the likelihood of complications (that they would have to pay for). They approved coverage. I applied for hardship assistance through Liberty Medical, and since BCBS pays at least 80%, they write off the rest. So basically, I’m getting my Victoza for free if you don’t count the health insurance costs. Liberty also writes off any copay for anything that costs above $80 for a month supply that the insurance covers at 80% or higher. So that means insulin, some brands of test strips, insulin pump supplies, sensor supplies… If your income is under 150% of the poverty line for your family size, it may be worth applying for hardship assistance. It sure helped me!

i get my lyrica the way you discribe, but from the company that makes it, under hardship. my dr gives me samples and doesnt charge me a copay at his office because of hard ship. my insurence is MVP [Mohawk Valley Physitions Group] in New York. my doc gives me the needles also because the reg. needles dont fit the Victoza pen. he also gets me test strips. if he didnt do all this for me i would be pretty desperate. i tried to get assistance because of this and other disabilities and i was refused so many times. it stinks. i cant get disability because my husband makes too much money, i cant get social security because i have not worked long evough in my life to get any , and i cant get any from my husband because he is not 65.he also makes too much for me to get Medicaid or medicare.

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Thanks, Shane.