HCG Diet and Type 1 Diabetes

I am thinking about starting the HCG Diet, the salon I work at has it, and i have seen a lot of people loss a good amount of weight. I finally have my numbers in a moderate to good control, But I was just wondering if any other Diabetes have tried it and if it affected there blood sugars. I know you basically cut out your carb intake and so it will affect them a little bit. Just looking for some advice! :slight_smile:

I’ve said this before to people who look at this diet:

This is basically a medically supervised starvation diet that is very extreme. The HCG is supposed to mobilize the fat in your body providing your fuel. If everything goes right, the fat just melts off you. If stuff gets messed up, your hair falls out and you potentially damage your organs.

Personally, I would consider this a high risk diet and I would have to ask why you would not consider safer and easier approaches such as a low carb diet or Intermittent Fasting?

It’s a scam. The fact of the matter is that anyone on 500 calories a day would lose weight, regardless of having some hormone injected into their body or not. Their claims that it takes your appetite away are untrue. They just want your money.