HCG diet

ok...so my husband just lost 30+ pounds on the HCG diet and thinks that I could do it too...anyone try it?

I'm a T2 with numbers NOT under control but I do have about 75 pounds that I need to lose

Call me an idiot, what is the HCG diet? Please share the info with me.

Same. I’m curious!

This is basically a medically supervised starvation diet that is very extreme. The HCG is supposed to mobilize the fat in your body providing your fuel. If everything goes right, the fat just melts off you. If stuff gets messed up, your hair falls out and you potentially damage your organs.

Why don’t you try Intermittent Fasting?

Oh. Sounds … creepy.


some people take drops (under their tongue-that’s what he does) and some people take a shot per day. And then…you only eat twice a day-veggies and protein-for a total of 500 calories a day. I personally think that it’s controlled anorexia but that’s what he wanted to try. I can’t imagine that it’s healthy for anyone and especially a T1 or T2. But I need to get this weight off and I’m getting desperate. I can’t seem to lost weight at all since I have been fighting with my levels.

500 calories a day?! What the hell is in the drops?

I don’t think this sounds like a good idea at all, especially for a diabetic!

it’s the hormone that is created in a pregnant woman. It’s the local fad diet around here.

You said it, Tammy. It’s a fad diet. 500 calories a day can’t be maintained for long. Try cutting down on carbs to lose weight & help your BG.

Is the HCG diet safe? Any studies/research?
Maybe Im conservative…but cutting carbs and exercise sounds a lot safer…

Doesn’t the research on these types of diets indicate that they are ineffective in keeping the weight off, in addition to being unhealthy? Have you tried less extreme diets yet?

I would not call the HCG diet a fad, and although it seems like a totally unsafe diet, it has been around a while, it does work and while it does have risk, it is probably safer than than the infamous “Kimkins” (http://kimkinssurvivors.wordpress.com/).

To read more about the HCG diet (http://health.howstuffworks.com/wellness/diet-fitness/weight-loss/hcg-diet.htm). You can also look for the Simeons protocol. Given the nature of this diet, I would recommend that this only be done under the supervision of a doctor that you trust. Although you can obtain the materials and follow the protocol yourself, I would consider it unwise to do on your own.

And as a final observation. Let me caution you that drugs are perhaps the most commonly counterfeit item and should you choose to buy some HCG off the internet you are likely to get “chicken spit.” Consider what you will do to yourself by attempting a 500 calorie a day starvation diet while injecting “chicken spit” in your belly.

how does the saying go…if it works youll have to keep doing it to maintain results? so what happens when you grow tired of it?

if you can adjust your carbs and exercise even mildly youll see much better results. Hell even just walking one mile a day is enough.

I’ve never heard of that diet, but as a diabetic I would be careful of very low calorie diets. I know personally when I don’t eat enough carlories, my liver decides to dump a lot of glucose raising my bgs. I try to keep my calories between 1600-2000 calories a day. I have lost over 85 pounds, but I have lost them slowly over many years. I lost the final 35 with a very low carb diet. I eat protein, veggies and lots of fats. The fats help stabalise your bg. Eating fat will not make you fat. My goal was 125 and now I am about 120 and have been able to stay there + or - about 2 or 3 pounds. You don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight. Any weight that comes off too fast will come back fast once you go off the diet. You are much better choosing a lifestyle way of eating as a diabetic that will maintain weight loss the rest of your life.

I didn’t think that it was a good idea…and all your answers confirm my thought. Tom, I don’t want gastric bypass and that wasn’t a very nice thing to say…I’m not looking for an easy fix otherwise I would have already found one.

I don’t think this diet is a good idea either…and gastric bypass isn’t right for me…but I won’t define what anyone does for their own body. I just started this discussion to get opinions on HCG and the value others have received or not received from it. thanks for your opinion.

Thank you for your hints and tricks…I do watch my carbs and I have started to exercise. Thank you to those of you that had positive comments.

85 pounds…that’s awesome! How many carbs per day do you allow yourself? Can I ask how long it took you to lose that much?

Thanks! I think I will go keep eating what the dietician told me to eat and just keep trying!

Good idea Tammy. All the best with it, and please let us know how you’re going with it all!