Health Engage Diabetic Software with OneTouch Ultra 2 Monitor

Has anyone had the the Health Engage Diabetic Software with OneTouch Ultra 2 monitor sync with a mac using Leopard. I have tried all kinds of variations and the software will not sync with the ultra using the usb cable connected to my Powerbook G4 Laptop. I have used the one touch software and cable on my mac with the windows virtual pc software on this laptop with no problem. So the cable does work and sync with the One Touch windows program in the mac but not the regular mac Leopard program. The program works great but no luck on the sync.

Anyone have any ideas.

I have not ideas except this one:

Give up. I have wasted hours of frustration with the HE software in both Mac and Windows. I never got it to work with the Mac and my One Touch, despite going to the extra expense of buying a new cable.

I now use the Medtronics Carelink system - even though it requires me to boot into Windows because - guess what? - it doesn’t recognize a Mac.

Good luck,


Mine is working just fine, I had to grab the USB driver and reboot, but it autodetected the meter and pulled in the results. The USB driver was linked from the healthengage website. Im on a powerbook g4 as well.