Anyone successful using mac with One Touch Meters?

Has anyone found a good way to get data off OT Ultra Smart with a mac (besides running parallels or anything)…I’m willing to use my only Windows machine for the software, but I have two OT meters (one I keep in my purse), and I’d like to merge the data from the two into those nifty reports my doctor gives me.

So…any mac users out there have any recommendations?

Hi !

I am developer of GGC (, which is open source software, written in Java (this means it can run almost everywhere). There will be new version out soon, which will work on mac (still in testing for mac platform), and this new one supports some of OT devices, not all but some… So if you are willing to wait a little, you can use that one… Maybe it will be good enough for you… Next version will come out at end of this month, drop me a line (PM) and I will reply when it’s ready…


Hi MomsL8 !

Me again… What kind of Mac do you have? Would it be possible for you to install Wine (Darwine or something). I know that only Intel based Macs support this though… If you can install it, than you can possibly run OT original software (maybe)… Didn’t test that one… I had so much problems on windows with OT cable, that I continued development for OT on linux… he he… I am in process of testing GGC now on Mac… If you want I can send you test version so that you can try it… Release will be on 4th February (or here somewhere), but after this weekend I will do testing on mac and after that, you can try it… I hope that there are drivers for cable on Mac though… Will let you know…


I have an iMac. I’m really leary of running Parallels or anything like that, because I want my mac to operate as a mac. I definitely won’t run Boot Camp as I don’t need my hard drive partitioned. I do have the original OT software running on one Windows machine here.
There are no drivers or cables that work with the mac for OT at all (I did just order the USB cable with hopes that will work rather than the 9-pin). At least not that I’ve found. I’ll see what my husband who is in IT says about testing it out.

I’m a software developer and tester. I’d love to take a look at your release for the Mac. I have a Macbook pro and an iMac, both Intel.

Hi Kim !
The software (GGC) itself should run without problem… Question is if OT cable (or any other), will be recognized by system (cable is actually USB-Serial bridge, which is reason, why we are worried about issues) so that software can use it. I haven-t had time to come around to testing it… Thanks for volunteering… I will contact you privatelly (here on Tudiabetes) when I have something ready… This should by either on Sunday or on start of next week…

Hi !

Ok. So here is preliminary report. I have tested my application on Mac and it run almost without problems… Application is available here:

This is just for testing… Now for OT support… I have OT device here and cable so I could test it… As first you will need to download driver for PL2303 (this is for cable)

Follow this steps:

  1. Install PL2303 driver (and restart machine)
  2. Unpack GGC zip file
  3. in directory \docs you will find file Diabetes_Hardware.txt, at end of document are detailed
    informations on what to do (see Appendix B. 1)
  4. If you haven-t done so far, install java 1.5 (or 1.6)
  5. Run application by running file in bin directory called run_mac.bash, you will need to do this in shell

In application, you go to Meters -> Configuration… (or something like this), configure your OT, if you don-t have any that is supported use Ultra 2. Maybe it will work… Then just go Meters -> Read Data

I still have to write most of Help, but I hope you wont have any problems with it…


Soooo…was the cable recognized, too?

Not out-of-the-box… You need to install PL 2303 driver first…


Ok! So I’ll try it over this week then!

Let me know if it works for you… if you have any problem let me know, and I will try to help… I am no Mac wizard, but I know little bit about Mac…


I am using the OneTouch Ultra with my MacBook and HealthEngage:

Yep, ive always been a advocate of open source software, but the healthengage stuff just works (on my powerbook g4) I grabbed the driver linked from their site and it found it and worked great. The healthengage stuff has a lot of extra bells and whistles (puting your workouts on your ipod etc as well) I was attracted to it initally for is better support for detailed workout tracking and the foods db. (im in my wannabe bodybuilder phase) They are also working on a 100% online version as well would would be handy as im a blackberry guy.

I am doing something similar but with and it works like a charm!

Have you tried the HealthEngage one also? Wondering how it compares…

I just want plug n play for the Mac - man! It shouldn’t be that hard, eh?

I’ve used as well but I don’t like subscriptions services without backup. How do I get my data out of their system when I decide I no longer want to pay?

I have a mac and not found a way to get around the Microsoft Access Data base the is passord protected on One Touch

does this save to a excell spread sheet of data base on you computer

No. It saves to database… Now per default you have one default database (which is java embedded database called H2), but if you are feeling adventureous you can use any external database supported by java (I am using PostgreSQL for development). This takes some know-how to install, since tools for automatic install are not ready yet.
You can do backup of database and all data will be dropped to text files, which you could use for import this data to excel.

i would like to reply to gregory’s comment about the ez manager max. i am a new one touch ping user. i use a mac. not terribly well, but i get by. the mac platform was a big selling point. my macbook has snowleopard running. i bought an imac for my house to run the 10.5 leopard so it would be compatible with ez manager max. after the first disc did not work i received a second set. after this did not work, i had my mac checked out. it is fine. i was able to load other software compatible with mac and pc. my garmin for example without a problem. my third set of discs did not work. they can’t even load. i have put out requests on the animas discussion group. no one has been able to make it work. i spoke to an animas employee that is a mac user and uses the ping system. he could not get it to work. has anyone been able to load and use the mac software? if not could someone tell me what the “EZ” in EZ MANAGER MAX stands for?