Heart bypass effect on diabetes?

Anyone know how a heart bypass surgery would effect diabetes? Does it help with out of control blood sugar? Any info or advice would be very helpful, thanks!

The operation itself will elevate the stress level and your blood sugar will be elevated for a while. After your recovery you will feel better and your level of physical activity will increase. This will surely help to improve your glucose control. The better the glucose control the less likely you will have other blood vessel problems (I recommend an A1c between 6.0 and 6.3). I wish you the best for your surgery.

My mother and I are both large and in charge Type 2 diabetics. She has had 2 bypass surgeries 10 years apart with diabetes. If she has found away to forge through the uncertain of surgery I am sure you can too. I will ask her about BS but she doesn’t monitor herself well. She is a stubborn woman.

Holger has said it exactly right.
Heart bypass surgery does not necessarily help, however, with out of control blood sugar. Perhaps in the post operative period an endocrinologist visit might provide opportunity for lining up a team to work with the person (is it you?) to establish appropriate treatment - (CGM first, then MDI and or pump?) then establish a routine of food, exercise, and medication that works. Sometimes the rehabilitation that goes along with heart bypass surgery provides a time to consider the elements of control of BG. Just a thought.

Yes it is me. My bs has been high for awhile and I just can’t figure out if this is why I can’t get my bs under control. It is driving me a bit mad.