Having Surgery

Nov. 14 I’m having surgery for a double hernia . Anyone have any advice before I have surgery.

Here are some conversation threads from past discussions where a few members have made suggestions. Thought it might help to read through a few comments there!

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Hi Joe,
The best advice i can give you is to trust in God and your family. I had surgery back in August and talked to Manny about it. He brought it to the TuDiabetes family. My family here at home had been praying for me. But here our big family was sending prayers and hugs and loving wishes for me. My situation was really rough. BUT. I got so much lovng, support Joe. Just trust. It is all you have to do. If you trust your doctor, he will keep your blood sugars straight. If you trust your surgeon, he will take care of your surgery. Trust your family. We will take care of the prayers and loving support. And God will watch over and guide everything. I am sending a big hug to you, my loving support and my prayers… Together Joe we can all get through anything. You won’t be alone through surgery. We will be with you


My prayers are with you! Keep us informed and wishing you a safe recovery.
Are you on insulin or oral med’s. If you are taking oral and happen to be on metformin make sure you talk to your physician and inform him that you are using metformin.


You’re right. And thank you for your prayers. I believe in the power of prayer . I know I’m in the hands of God.

As for Doctors I have a harder time trusting . I’ve worked in a hospital for 35yrs. and have seen the blunders.

The Doctor said ; she wished all her patients took such good control of their diabetes . The truth is ,I’m a control freak. I research everything . It’s the hardest thing for me to let go. I’m also the one that ussally takes care of everyone else .Im not use to the idea of someone else taking care of me!

(Please, be patient with me ,God is not finish with me ,yet!!)

Thank you for your help . I wasn’t haappy about becomming a diabetic but I’m sure glade to got to be a part of this group and be apart of this family. (Almost makes it worth becomming a diabetic !) Of course everyone here is sweet; we’re diabetic. (LOL).

Thanks ! I read each one of them . Your always there when I need you!

We’ll be thinking of you all day on the 14th. Please let us know how you are doing, or have a friend update us. We are a family here, and when one member is in need, we want to help!

On my last surgery I made a point to meet with the anesthesiologist before hand to discuss my diabetic care with him. I have had problems in the past with there being no insulin orders for me or even orders to check my blood sugar. So now I make a point to meet with the anesthesiologist and show him the insulin pump, how to run it, what to do with my blood sugars if they go above a certain level. My last surgery I got lucky and he has a nurse on the same pump as me so he let me keep the pump on and assigned that nurse to me for during the surgery. Just make sure they are well informed about your diabetes.

Hi Joe,
Just checking in. How is today going for you? I really understand how hard it is to give control over to someone else. I am a control freak too. My independence is so important to me and It was hard for me to accept help from others. I wasn’t even aware that i was scared until Manny and everyone else started giving me such terrific support. Then when I wasn’t afraid anymore it was such a relief and I felt so much better.
I am a type 1.5 too and you must really be taking excellent care of yourself to be handling things without insulin or pills. I hope you are getting all your questions and arrangements taken care of with your doctors. And i am hoping that all your pain and troubles with the hernias is all over with very quickly after your repair. I am sending another big hug and will not forget my prayers. My best to you Joe.

Enjoy the Demerol. The only thing that got me through a couple of surgeries was the floating feeling from the Demerol.

I’d rather a beer or two!!

Tomorrow I’m having pre-testing. I’m making it a point to talk to the anesthesiologist at this time. One good thing about being diabetic ;they do our surgeries first.

All the best to you Joe!! We’ll be thinking about you… let us know how you are when you can!

Hi Joe,
I am happy for you that the waiting will soon be over… Are they planning on you getting to go home that same day? Are you like me, a person who has to write questions down so you don’t forget anything? We are still with you Joe. Hang in there.

I’m ready . It’s a good day to die!

I’m back home and everything went well. Now, I know Im addicted to tudiabetes . Im having withdrawal . I had my wife help me to the computer. Walking erect is still hard. The first day wasn’t to bad but yesterday the pain was hard . Today , it’s bearable.(except when I cough)
During surgery my BG got up to 178 and they took care of it. I’m not sure why but that cause them to extend the surgery time by an hour. Which scared my wife when it was longer comming out.( Did bother me .LOL)
The doctor made sure they fed me as soon as possiable,since they gave me insulin in the OR rm.
Everyone here made the whole thing easier to go through . You guys are the best!

now I have one more question . Since I been home ,I’m taking the insulin but my BG stays at 140 to 135 . Normally it would go down to around 100. What’s going on?

yea, Joe, the worst is over! you’ve had a stress to your body, and emotionally, it’s stressful to have surgery, so naturally your bg is going to be higher than usual. I’m sure you’ll be back to your usual before you know it. Give yourself a little slack, (I know it’s hard for you). We’re so glad you’re home!

My wife said that I should explain the statement ;It’s a good day to die.
I learned this from my Native American freinds. It doesn’t mean one thinks they’re going to die or that they would want too…
It mean that the person who is facing a serious event is spiritaully 'mentally and physically ready to face it and can face the worse possible out come.

By the way since my surgery was Nov.14 .I ask everyone from doctor ,nurse to housekeepers :if they new it was world diabetes day? Igave everyone a blue paper clip to wear. I got the message out!!!