Heart to Heart

Well~ Last night my daughter and I had a heart to heart about the “what ifs” of the affects of diabetes and I couldn’t help but breakdown and cry. SHe and I have not really talked deeply about this since it has happened…we both just went into auto pilot and have taken this lifestyle on with a vegenance and haven’t really stopped to say “My daughter/I have diabetes”…She just turned 13 on Sunday and we started talking about eating right, etc…and she asked me that when she has kids, will she give it to her kids and I told her I did not know that there was a 50/50 chance, but that I was optimistic and felt that by that time roles around (hopefully in her 30’s) that they will have found a cure and then she asked me what if they find a cure and we can’t afford it…and I told her that no matter how much it cost, if I had to work 5 jobs, whatever…that we would be able to afford it and not to worry. What a breakthrough for her and me! It still brings tears to my eyes because as a mother, this is something I cannot just put a bandaid on, give her hugs and kisses and say its all going to be alright and in a couple days its gone. That is the hardest part of all this for me…not having control and not being able to make this go away. Just had to vent a little as sometimes I feel like my close friends as great as they have been through all this really truely understand.

Thanks for listening!!!


Hi, Jennifer, and welcome to the community. This is the place to come whenever you need to talk to someone who really “gets” it. I was 13 41 years ago when I found out I had diabetes. It was a terrible time, and how I wished I’d had more support in the early years. Your incredible love for your daughter comes through every word you wrote, and believe me, she is a lucky girl!

These heart-to-heart are SO important! I’m glad that she had a chance to vent a lot of her concerns.

For me, the biggest emotional concern about being diagnosed was how it would affect my future ability to have children… even though I wasn’t thinking about having kids THEN. But I am now!!

The chances of the children having diabetes is quite low (I think around 5%), but diabetes and pregnancy does take special care and attention! But there are so many women who have had successful pregnancies and share their stories about it. It might help your daughter to read these stories and know that EVEN without a cure, she can live a normal life and achieve her dreams :slight_smile: But we are all hoping for a cure for her and many others who struggle with diabetes!

Sounds like you have a very mature daughter!!

Hi Jennifer,
It sounds as if you have a great relationship with your daughter! That is a wonderful thing! Just remember that she can lead a normal and happy life. I was diagnosed at 10 years old. I had a healthy baby at the age of 23…she is now 24 and has not gotten diabetes yet. Does she belong to any teen support groups or have you thought about a diabetes camp?
I also live in NC. I’m in Troutman (near Mooresville - Lake Norman area). I have some really good friends that live in Summerfield. Warren and Lise Thomas…you may know them.