Heartmoves & Hydrotherapy

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to update my blog.

I have been very busy with appointments and trying to organise my life and do something about my health.

Firstly I got in touch with one of the leaders of Heartmoves (a gentle exercise program set up by the Heart Foundation) and he sent me out the information and necessary forms i needed to fill out and get my Doctor to complete before i can start any of the classes.

Then I went to see my Doctor and after some arring and umming he agreed to complete the form for Heartmoves.
I then asked him to give me a referral letter so I can go to the Hospital and use their Hydrotherapy Pool and he wanted to know why I wanted to go there.
Ummmm is he an idiot or what?
I told him I needed to go for my arthritic problems and at the same time hoping the exercises in the water might help me lose some weight and loosen my muscles a bit.
So with what seemed to be such great effort on his part he gave me that referral too.
I took the letter to the hospital and they told me they would put me on the waiting list, which is about 3 months long. Guess I have to be patient or hope someone cancels that way I can get in sooner.

So that was the first two steps done on my list of things to do.