Heat Intolerance


Hi Guys,

I’ve had a problem with heat intolerance for a couple years. Summer is the worst. If I do the least yard work, my temp goes up, heart races, skin feels like it’s boiling, exhaustion, headache, etc. It happens other times and indoors too, exercise, physical work, long hours, but in the summer just walking across a parking lot can put me flat on my back.

Another thing I noticed is that I’m not sweating like I used to. Not at all in fact.

Seen the dr, blood tests up the wazoo, thyroid checks out. Sent me to an endocrinologist who just shook his head. They suggested reducing certain meds, which didn’t help. No ideas from there.

I’m wondering if this could be diabetes related. I’m type 2. My feet have neuropathy and often feel like they’re burning up. Must wear open shoes during the day. Is it possible this is a whole body reaction like my feet? Have any of you dealt with this before? Any suggestions for handling, testing, treating?


Diabetes-induced neuropathy can occasionally take very weird forms. I have a friend who suffers from diabetic autonomic dysfunction and I could write several thousand words describing the various and unpleasant ways that manifests itself.

Just saying, this could be something in that general, very large ballpark. But proving it takes a sharp medical team and they have to be looking for it to begin with.

Not much help, I know. Just pointing up possibilities. That’s a strange set of symptoms, all right, which is what made me think of strange possible causes.


I’ve had this problem my whole life (and was only diagnosed T1 almost 2 years ago). I avoid a lot of activities in the heat of the day, wear a gel neckband that works like a Frio–by evaporative cooling, saturate my hat often, and drink way more water than most people. Also I find extra salt helps, also Gatorade (regular or Zero). Doctors haven’t identified any reason why it happens, I just have learned to live with it.


Two years with it has seemed like forever. Can’t imagine it lasting a whole life!!
Thanks for the hints.


I’ve always had problems with heat. I’m exhausted.! I find getting out of the Sun…drinking a ton of water and getting wet are great ideas. I jump in the lake or drench myself in water. Seems to help.


Sometimes, when I was being flippant, my dad would tell me, “Go soak your head!”. Nowadays, that’s what I do when I’m too hot from mowing or hiking! :joy_cat: