Too hot

It was 107 here yesterday, and will be 104 today. We have fans but no air conditioning.
Having had diabetes for 62 yrs, I have lost my ability to sweat except when riding my exercise bike. My glucose levels are running higher than normal and I am wondering if it is the heat.

I also can’t drink much more water or my salt levels will become unbalanced. I wish testing sodium levels was as easy as glucose levels. I am just guessing at how much more I should drink over my limited 50 oz. of fluid. Adding more salt to my food. I will get symptoms if I am too far off.

I feel worn out. It looks like we will drop a few degrees in the next few days but will stay hot and very dry.

Is anyone else having problems with the heat?


Yes, heat is bad in NY as well. 97 real temp but real feel is a whole other story, usually 10-20 degrees hotter!! Yesterday real feel was 104. Hopefully the heat wave will subside there in the Northwest, and here, too!

I do not have central air, but I finally put an ac in one of the double hinged windows. It cools that room down a bit but the air doesn’t quite make it to my office which is a “sun” room! I have skipped my last two runs due to the heat, and now we are expecting thunderstorms for the next several days :frowning: Just goes to show, do not skip runs!!

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I was just reading an article written by a woman who was raised in Texas, and is now experiencing the heatwave in Wa St. She said that she has never experienced anything like the heat in Spokane. I don’t live too far away. It is awful.

After breakfast my glucose levels are just climbing even after bike riding. I changed my Tresiba just in case, but I am still climbing, I guess I will give Novolog, since yesterday when I gave Lyumjev it was like injecting water.


I had the same problem with FIASP. :frowning:

Yes, I think these high temps are extremely unusual for your state. I hope it cools down!

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Do they have any cooling centers near you? I live in Massachusetts, where it has been in the mid-90s with very high humidity. Got a reverse 911 call from the town letting us know that the town library is open from 9AM to 9PM as a cooling center. I have central air, so don’t need to go there, but it’s nice to know the town manager is on top of things.

If you lived closer, I’d invite you to come stay here for a while…hey, if you’re up for traveling…!


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Thanks Ruth!
Yes, there are a couple of buildings around that are open as cooling stations, but I would rather stay home and cool off with fans. I think it is the fact that the nights aren’t cooling off that is really affecting my body.

If the house gets too hot, we will probably go walk around the mall. I am surprised that my glucose levels are being affected so much, but maybe it is because I have a low sodium problem. I would have expected the heat to lower my glucose levels, and so am surprised that I am requiring more insulin.

We have a beach house and would go there, but we are trying to schedule my husband’s angioplasty procedure.

I also don’t know if we want to drive 8 hrs in the extreme heat. There have been reports of older highways buckling due to heat and a car problem could be a disastrous.


98 here in Pa. It is hot. I have been drinking water. I am not a big air conditioning person but I have the air on. I do not feel bothered by the heat as much as others, call it heat unawareness.
I took a walk when it was hot earlier this week and realized that was not a good idea. I wonder about my salt levels as well. I think I crave salt when it is low. I rarely salt any food. It will be better Thurs. Stay safe. Have been drinking Gatorade zero sugar.

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Stay put Marilyn. Not a good idea to be out in this heat on a road. It will be better in a matter of hours now.

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My sister is in PA and where she is it is raining and the temp dropped to the low 70’s. Hope that your temps drop too.
The problem in our area is that everything is bone dry.

Have you tried putting a wet cloth around your neck? Or dampen your shirt,then sit near the fan. Helps cool you down. I do this when I work outside in the heat. Very hot here in Maine also. Nancy50

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Good idea Nancy. All I have been doing is taking a cold washcloth and cooling myself down with that. Today was 103 and very, very dry, so most of the day I just read near our fans. I find it odd that I have to take several more units of insulin because of the heat.

Due to the heat, It is important to keep insulin below 86 degrees. I usually keep in fridge in butter area.

I put mine in the refrigerator when the temperature rose, and I haven’t kept opened insulin in the frig for years.

It cooled down here starting last evening. Prior three days were all over 105 degrees. One day was 112. The high today was 77. Hope these better temps float your way.

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I knew you had a 112:degree day, and just couldn’t believe it! I am so glad that the weather has cooled off so much there. Supposedly we aren’t going to get anything close to 77 until the middle of July. I sure hope it doesn’t stay this hot and dry, and that we get through the 4th without fires.

This is my biggest worry. The smoke last September was horrific – it lasted weeks.

I just stocked up on Hepa filters for my air cleaners. I also bought a 20" box fan, a few 20" by 4" house furnace filters, and duct tape so I can assemble a high-volume air filter in a hurry.

In the meantime, I’m luxuriating in the not-too-hot sweet summertime air!

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I live in losangeles where we are used to the high temps, but it’s even higher now. I have central air.
But it’s funny when it’s hot, my sugars run low not high.
Except if my pump was exposed to too much heat and the insulin loses potency, which has never happened to me,but I know it does happen.
You could hang out at the mall. If there is one near you.
I worry about all sorts of people with this heat. Not just diabetics, I’m extra worried about the power outages with this heat

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I am from LA although I haven’t lived their in 50 yrs, so I was used to the high temps and heavy smog of the 60’s.

Our power was unexpectedly shut off for 3 hrs the other evening and since then there have been rolling black outs. I too worry about people without generators.

It is a little after 1:00 am and we are having a thunderstorm luckily with rain, because I am on a mountain with many dry trees. The temp has dropped down into the 70’s and it feels wonderful!


Spending time at the mall is a good idea to stay cool. As long as you’re not “dying” from the heat, it is probably a lot more comfortable to stay home in your own surroundings than going to a cooling center.

Despite central air, my upstairs bedrooms get really hot. My condo was built in the late '70s, and the ventilation wasn’t baffled (a way of sending more air to where it’s actually needed.) So, downstairs can be 70 degrees, while upstairs may be in the mid 80’s at night. And I have a programmable thermostat, which is downstairs, and I set it to go up to 78 degrees after 11 PM, so upstairs gets really hot. My solution? Same as yours, Marilyn…I use a fan in the bedroom. BUT, if it got up to the 90s in there, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at all.

I, too, think it’s probably not a great idea to go for an eight-hour drive in this heat. Heaven forbid something happens and you get stranded on the way.

Hopefully the heat wave won’t last forever although with climate change really making an impact, who knows?

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