Hello again, still type 1

I was on this wonderful site three years ago. I drifted away from it, don't really know why, but anyway still here and alive and well. I see a lot of new faces on here and would be delighted to get talking to you all. I would absolutely love to get in touch with some to the old members. My old profile is still here, its Josephine O'Donnell, Ireland. ( PAGE 544 ). I look forward to chatting to you, especially my wee Robyn. Nothing much going on since. I have tried many times to lower the HbA, it came under 7% for about 5mins. I have mild kidney damage, still not sure as to the extent of it. Will find out at next appointment. Well anyways, if you are new here, on for a while or one of the gang of 2009, please get in touch. This is a great place to how can I put it, its a great place to " not need to explain it all ". we're in the one boat here. It's good to be back home again.

We certainly welcome you back. I bet if you wanted, you could bring back your old membership. If you would like to do that, just drop a note to TuDiabetes Administration.

Hello Josephine! :) Cute title. I'm still Type 1 also. :) Welcome back! I do remember you and your Sweet girls. Most of the people you remember are on FB now but many come back often.

I had asked Robyn about 2 years ago if she knew what happened to you but sadly she did not. I know you's were tight. So good to see you back and doing pretty well. Sorry to hear of the kidney problem and not having a stable relationship and care with one doctor/Endo. Hopefully something changes for the better in both areas.

Hi Josephine, my name is brokenpole by title. There is actually the story of how I got that name posted on here some where. Most that know me well on here usually call me Sparky. But I answer to just about anything.

Great to have you back. I just joined a little over a year ago and I love this place. This is my haven from a world that just seems not to understand. Oh there are many that think they know D but they don’t. So I try to teach them a little.

I am also in end stage renal disease which means I am on dialysis. So if you want to talk kidneys let me know.

Great to hear from you all and thank you for the warm welcome home. Once I finish in the garden I'll be able to catch up properly. Also babysitting a little kitten, so I'm flat out busy.

HELLO JOSEPHINE. I HAVE BEEN HERE ABOUT 2 YEARS. This is a great place. Glad you decided to return. My Grandmother came from Mallow do you know where that is? She had a delightful brogue. Glad to have you back. Reed,the Seagator

Yes, I think Mallow is in Cork, if its the Mallow I#m thinking about. That is in the South of Ireland, I live in the North in Donegal. Bit of a Belfast type accent up here. Glad to be back, its good to be with people who understand.

Welcome back Josephine. I'm like you, just getting back on here after being gone a long time. New faces, new posts, but still sharing the same with all of us, just trying to muddle through this dreaded D thing we all have. Your Belfast accent would be hard to keep up with but I'm sure my Southern Atlanta accent would seem funny to you, too. LOL Welcome back!!

Thanks Ronny, I'd love to be able to hear what everyone's accent is like, I have a bit of a Northie/Scottish accent, interesting to people who aren't used to it. We will get through this D business, keep chatting.

Go see the movie Forest Gump. That'll give you an idea of my accent. I imagine yours is like the Irish Spring soap commercial... "manly yes but I like it, too." LOL You probably have no idea what I'm talking about, but that's okay. :-) Good to see you back among us.

Not a clue what you're on about Ron, but I loved Forest Gump. Irish Spring soap, must look it up.