Hello Canada!

2013 holds a whole new adventure for me and my wonderful new wife. It is official, WE ARE MOVING TO VANCOUVER CANADA!

We are really excited to see what the next chapter of life holds for us in Canada. I especially will be exposed to a whole new healthcare experience in Canada. I know there is a lot of conjecture in the USA about Canada's healthcare system from supporters and critics. I have always lived a life of engagement to help determine my own perspective. I fully expect their to be pros and cons, but I think they will be less dramatic than people make it out to be either way.

Any pointers?


Welcome to Canada... you are moving to THE most expensive place to live in Canada. I hope you have a good paying job because living expenses in Vancouver are absolutely ridiculous. As for health care, most places of employment have decent medical benefits...And I would definitely start looking for a family Dr right away as there is usually a waiting list. Best way to find out who is taking on new patients is to go to a walk in clinic and ask the receptionist for a current list. Vancouver is a beautiful place with lots to do but everything is very very expensive.

thanks for the heads up! yes we visited and it was quite expensive, but we currently live in San Francisco, so somewhat similar! I always thought no matter where we moved after SF would be a relief in cost, but doesnt look that way. Good rec on finding a family dr.


Welcome to Vancouver (and Canada)! :) Agree with the above commenter about finding a GP, definitely start looking as early as possible as it's very difficult to find one taking patients right now.

Canadian house values did not take a dive as in the US and it may be yet to happen. Vancouver has almost certainly the most outrageously overpriced houses of any major Canadian City. Vancouver is compartmentalized by rivers and bridges, so be careful about what kind of property and where if you decide to purchase.

It took me 6 months to find a Doctor. But I found the walk-in clinics to be adequate in the interim.

You'll enjoy living in Vancouver. It is a world class city in a spectacular region. Mountains, rivers, forests, ocean right on it's doorstep. It does rain quite a bit in winter at low elevations. But the skiing is spectacular.

Yes we are really excited about the move, but not so much the rain. Understand that rain means snow in the mountains, so that will be that trade off. Certainly will start the Dr. hunt when I get up there. Thanks!