Hello Everyone I missed you all

Hello everyone I hope to find everyone doing great.Me I’m okay Just wanted to drop a few lines to say hi and say I miss you all.I’m back thank you for the warm love from everyone it really does help.Sorry It took me awhile to come back it’s just hard to come on here and not saying hay here’s an update But I’m getting better with time.It’s really weird when little things can set you off on memory’s like smells songs just whatever.But believe it or not I don’t cry as much as i used to it seems to help when I talk about her and tell story’s about things she used to do to make me laugh well I will be on later hope to find everyone doing great lots of love Kat

Hi Kitty Kat, I am glad that you are feeling better. I cannot even comprehend what you went through, my heart goes out to you. I am sure your sister is your angel now. I wish you lots of strength and love, take care!

We are here for you totally Kitty, to put our virtual arms around you, and listen. I would love to hear some stories about your sister.