It's been a while

hi everyone,

I'm feeling very proud of myself right now, I've logged in for the first time in months!! I have had a rough time of late, not that I'm justifying anything, just want to share, if that's ok...

I tried to commit suicide a couple of weeks ago, I even tried to inject my 16 year old Down Syndrome daughter, adamant not to "leave her behind". Please dont judge me, I know it was a silly, desperate attempt at trying to get away from the pain.

I am seeing a clinical Psychologist once a week, and to honest, all I seem to do is weep when I'm there but she is positive that we are progressing in the right direction and i may even have another "personality" that shows herself on occassion..... Sounds like something out of the "X-Files" or "The United states of Tara", I know.

Anyway, I will endeavor to sign in more often, this kinda helps too....


So happy to see you again Debi!

Glad you are here. xo

incredibly scary stuff I hope you are taking care of yourself and your family

Welcome back!

Welcome back Debi!! :slight_smile:

I’m Happy that you didn’t succeed in either attempts and that you and your Daughter are still here. Good for you for getting some much needed help.