Hello old friends

Well I havent been on here since my sister…Well still can’t say it yet but uts been awhile. I met a lot of great people on here who helped me when i needed it. Sorry I went mia but hay I’m bouncing back getting over some crazy days in my life.I really hope everyone here is doing great…I never forgot about u and I told lots of peps about ur site.My life is going good I’m in college going in the medical world.I felt like after what happened with my sister I should be out there doing more,knowing more and of course tell peps about my grear friends on here.I hope u remember me.lol

Welcome back! I’m Beth, I’m new to here but glad to have found out about this site. Sry that you’ve had some tough times, I hope it gets better for you! I hope your days get better! Good Luck in College!!! :smiley:

Welcome back, hope things go from strength to strength for you x