Hello everyone

Thank you for all the kind welcomes. I am new to this so it may take me a bit to get the hang of it.
My 12 year old son was just recently diagnosed with type one diabetes. We are in the process of getting him a diabetic alert dog. If you would like to learn
more about my son or the dog please go to www.dogfornoah.com

Howdy! Nice to have you aboard with us!!! Relax, grab a cup of coffee (if you drink it anything else if you don’t) sit back and enjoy it here with us!

I am certain that my dog gets a look on her face when my BG is out of whack. Unfortunately, it’s very similar to the “I have to go outside” look and the “I want a dog treat” look and the various other looks. She’s still only a year old so perhaps I can get her to come up with a particular look for lows!? I love the idea of having a dog tell you your BG is low though, much more pleasant than BG meters and CGMs!

Nice to see that you joined the group. Look up “tarra”, she has a beautifull Lab that was trained as an alert dog.