Thrilled to Be Here!


New to Diabetes, New to Blogging and I’m absolutely thrilled to be here!

I know I will learn a lot, and it will be soooo nice to be able to discuss things with other people who understand. I currently know no one with diabetes type 1 or type 2, so I’m starting from scratch.


Hi Mandy, welcome. You are very fortunate to find a site like this so early in your life as a T1. Ask tons and tons of questions and don’t think any questions are off limits. There’s a wealth of experience and knowledge about Diabetes here. Most of us old-timers, love sharing our hard earned “wisdom” :slight_smile:


Hi Mandy, always nice to ‘meet’ another type 1. You must still be in a bit of a state of shock after your diagnosis. I would have loved to have found a site like this after I was first diagnosed as it is so friendly and supportive and I felt very alone when I was diagnosed. Do you have Diabetes in your family?