Hello Out there!

Just wanted to post a great big Hello to everyone. I’m terribly new to this …blogging and to diabetes as well. As a serial lurker to other blogs and sites, just wanted to say thanks! It’s good to know there is life and normalcy after diagnosis. It’s hard readjusting my life so drastically at the ripe old (young!!!) age of 30. I never thought something as simple as my daily run, could ever be this complicated or I’d have to carry so much stuff!
Special shout out to Kerri from Six Until Me. I found your site first, and have been lurking around for a couple of months. You always make me laugh, and I can so relate!

Hey Chloe - thanks for the shout out! I’m glad you’ve joined up over here. If there’s anything you need, just ask. :slight_smile:

– Kerri.

Hopefully you will find Tu Diabetes useful to connect with other diabetics. We’re all in this together, girl! :slight_smile: