Hello, This is my first time doing this kind of thing:)

My name is MeadowLark… lots of people call me Meadow or Lark for short.
It is a name that happened from an experience that I had when I was 12 or maybe 13 years old. :slight_smile: It has stuck and I really like it.
That experience? Well, let’s go back:) It was a warm day in the summer and I had my faithful friend ( a little beagle) with me on a walk. (this is something that I did alot!)
I found a small meadow and decided to pretend with my best friend; His Name is Jesus.
I was a fairly lonely kid in those days. I started singing in this little meadow and then I pretended that Jesus was my ballet partner. We danced and I sang. I have always felt that
day was special in my life. So, because it was a “meadow” all alone; I danced, sang and in general felt as free as a “lark.” ( Later in life I discovered there is actually a pretty bird that is called a meadowlark!) That is how I came to discover my “name” MeadowLark.