Hello everyone, my name is Patty. My 15 year old son Dylan has Juvenile Diabetes and Celiac Disease. Dylan was diagnosed when he was 10 with diabetes and celiac pretty much at the same time. Of course as everyone else did, our family went into a bit of a tail spin. Since then Dylan has adjusted to life and is now on a Cozmo Insulin Pump. He's been on the pump for the past two years. My oldest daughter has celiac as well and also this past winter was diagnosed with hypothyroid. Talk about the auto immune issues. Anyway like I said we're all dealing and life goes on.

Today we had a bit of a crisis because Dylan's pump shut down. GREAT!! He's been on it for two years and going back to injections is a bit of a shock. Today is a holiday in Canada and so trying to find an Endo etc to help was a BIT of a challange but we managed. I gave him some Lantus insulin to tide him over until the new pump arrives in 2 days. The weird thing is he has an appointment tomorrow with his diabetes team. I guess the timing was right.

Dylan is a teen and his diabetes monitoring is not the greatest so I'm trying to keep things under control. For now I think maybe a pump vacation may be the best thing for him. We'll see how this whole lantus thing works out. I'll keep you all posted.

Hi Patty

Maybe the timing is just right. Dylan may appreciate the pump more and be even encouraged to test more often.

Is the testing reluctance due to embarrassment, or something else? If it’s the actual physical pain, try the BD Ultra Fine 33 lancets, they are truly almost painless. If it’s the embarrassment, try to hook up with a support group (with kids ideally). Maybe he’ll realize it’s not something you really need to worry about.

Good luck.

It’s because he’s lazy. He’s out hanging out with his friends, skateboarding etc, and he’s just not interested in checking. He refuses to carry his meter with so that’s the deal. He had an appointment with the D team today, and hopefully he’ll be better. We’re working toward a better A1c

His appt went well, he got heck for his A1c, which was what I expected. He did receive his new pump yesterday after we got home, and he’s up and pumping again this morning. The lantus was okay, his numbers weren’t perfect but they were okay. I think if he had to go on it for a period of time I’d definately have to up it.

Finally… Yes The computer outsmarts me quite a bit! HA! Your son is probably having one of those mama don’t know anything days… The problem is that they seem to go on for years!!! Sounds like his Dr got him for his A1C they will do that! Like I told my daughter years ago (she is also a Type 1) that little test will tell on you even if you don’t! And a few times I even got the Dr shaking his head and saying “what do I have to do to make you listen to me?” Ugh learned the hard way! Gotta go and chase my granddaughter around the house!

Hi Patty,
Looks like you haven’t posted for a while. I’m new to this site, seeking support from others dealing with teens with type 1. My daughter is nearly 16 and ‘thinks she knows it all’ – her last 2 A1Cs were horrible :frowning: Her endo also suggested going off the pump as well. It’s ME who doesn’t want that. We took a ‘pump vacation’ 2 summers ago with poor results – she was ‘stacking insulin’ and guessing on her carbs and ratios (ugh!).
Anyway, just wondering if things were better for you – hope so!