I play many roles: Father, Husband, Computer Geek, Christian, Gamer, and, of course, Diabetic. I was diagnosed with type 2 in 1985. I have been on insulin for about 10 year and a pump for 5 years. I use a Minimed 722 pump. I have been dealing with proliferative diabetic retinopathy for about 5 years which led to a significant bleed in my left eye about 4 years ago. Two vitrectomies, cataract surgery and a cornea ulcer later, I don't have much sight in the left eye. However, except for the night vision problems caused by the preventative laser proceedures, my right eye is doing well. In 2006, I had heart by-pass surgery. I am continuing in rehab, trying to loss weight, and adjusting to these changes.

I am married to my loving bride, Deb, for 32 years and the father of a 21 year old daughter. We also are owned by two cats who graciously allow us to serve them.