I'm so excited to blog here!

This is probably going to be a rough first attempt, but I want to write a little to introduce myself and I hope it will motivate me to keep writing. I recently found this community and people seem so nice and helpful!

So…me. I’ a 31 year old mother of two. My husband and I live in upstate NY with our girls (Kai is 6 and Kathleen is 16 months). I currently am a full time mom, which is a wonderful gift and also has it’s own set of challenges.

I have had diabetes since I was 7 years old. I have had an insulin pump since 1997. There have been good times and bad times. For a few years, I didn’t have any health insurance and that was the scariest time in my life. I couldn’t see a doctor because I couldn’t pay, and I could barely afford supplies for my pump. Needless to say, I didn’t do a lot of testing. When things improved, I got back into doing everything I can to make sure I am as healthy as possible.

But there was some damage done, probably starting back then. And while I was pregnant with my youngest, everything went to hell. I had crazy insulin resistance, taking up to 6 units per hour as a basal rate. Insane. I gained approximately a million pounds, but was never able to eat anything. I was sick the entire time, and was put on bed rest for high blood pressure at 28 weeks. I delivered a healthy, full term, beautiful baby girl. She weighed 5 lbs. 12 oz. at birth. :slight_smile: And now she is a silly, active, happy toddler.

A few months after she was born, I noticed changes in my vision and called my opthamologist. They sent me to a retina specialist. Since then, I’ve had lasers, Avastin injections, and finally surgery. I can see very well now and I’m thankful for that.

I also had some kidney damage after the pregnancy, but when I finished breastfeeding a few months ago, I started taking Lisinopril.

I recently switched endocrinologists, which is a terrific thing! I LOVE my old/new doctor. I used to see her when I was in high school, and stopped when I went to college and then moved a few times. Now we are back in the area, and I finally got them to take me back! They weren’t accepting new patients but I kept trying. I have an appointment there today, so I need to go get ready.

Thanks for reading!

Sounds like you have had a journey! I look forward to reading more! Good luck with everything!