Help a child with diabetes prepare to be a future leader of his/her community

Some of you may remember Dr. Nancy Larco, who did a live interview with me on TuDiabetes last fall (see the recording here). Nancy founded an organization called FHADIMAC (Haitian Foundation for Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases). This is a letter from a nurse practitioner and Diabetes Educator who has been going to Haiti for the past 4 years to help FHADIMAC accomplish its goal to provide care and education to people with diabetes in Haiti:

Hope for the Haiti’s young people living with type 1 Diabetes

Dear Friends,

As you know I’ve been supporting FHADIMAC (the Haitian Foundation for Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases) for some years under the leadership of Dr Nancy Charles Larco and her husband Philippe.

I am excited to share our most recent news:

-One of our young leaders with diabetes was elected leader for the North American Region of the International Diabetes Federation Young Leaders Program in December 2013 at YLD meeting in Melbourne, Australia

-Plans are in place for a 3 day training and conference in Port au Prince for more than 300 health care professionals

-Training and preparation is commencing for a new diabetes clinic in St Marc (North of Port Au Prince) to increase access to diabetes care, education and support for those outside the capital

-In April, we are planning a peer to peer diabetes education camp for youth with Type 1 Diabetes in conjunction with non-profit organization AYUDA.

We hope to raise $800 per child to be able to deliver a safe, educational diabetes camping experience for 40 young people over 3 days and to provide the tools to prepare them to be future young leaders of the community. Your support will make a considerable difference and will pave a brighter future for the community! The quickest and easiest way to support these goals is via selecting “Communities Rising” via this page & including a dedication to: Haiti diabetes program & camp. It will be a tax-deductible donation.

Thank you for all your interest and your support in making a difference in the diabetes community of Haiti.



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