Help deciding on CGMS

I am getting a lawsuit settlement check finally from Eli Lilly, Will be sometime next week. I want to get a CGMS, but I have no clue which one to get. I am currently on the Paradigm 722. Do I go with medtronic since it is intergrated with the pump or do I choose Dexcom or Navigator? How long do the sensors usually last? Cost is also in issue as my insurance I know for a fact will not cover any of this. Which one is the cheapest on start up costs? Which one is the easiest to you? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The BEST comparison I’ve found (with pricing info too!) is at this site. It helped me choose. I wore a Dexcom 7 for a week and really liked it, but ordered a Navigator for all the cool reports, features, freestyle compatibility, and predictive arrows. I’m still waiting for my Nav to ship, so i can’t really report on it yet. But the dexcom is a great system and is cheapest, from what I understand. Haven’t used the guardian rt.


nice to hear that youre planning to get a CGMS. I am using the minimed CGM since i am using the paradigm pump, and in that way i dont have to carry another piece…its workin good for me, though the minimed people say that sensors should be changed every 3 days, i usually used it til a week and it still works fine… some of us here used it for like 20 somethin straight days and still get good readings from it… i heard that the navigator is nice, but i havent ttried it so i dunno… Dexcom i guess is a lil bit cheaper …im not sure… by the way, just curious, what happened with you and Eli Lilly? good thing that theyre were able to make that settlement with you…

Eli Lilly marketed zyprexa knowing it caused an auto immune response causing diabetes and I was one of the lucky ones that got put on it before Eli Lilly was told they had no choice but to put a warning label on it stating that. Thanks to them I am type 1.5.

My only experience is with Minimed. I did not want to have yet another thing attached to me so I didn’t consider any other system. I’ve been using it for only a month now and it’s been working well. Sometimes it seems like a sensor just doesn’t want to cooperate and the sensor readings don’t track with the meter readings. I’ve turned the sensor off and waited awhile before restarting and that will sometimes fix it. The sensor I have in right now was crazy for three days and I was very close to pulling it out but decided to give it one more overnight. Suddenly it woke up and has been working perfectly these past 3 days. My CDE told me to change it every week but I left my first one in for 10 days. I plan on leaving this one in longer since I didn’t get much useful info the first few days. People have left them in for a month or more with good results.

I know the initial cost for Minimed is $999 and that includes a box of 10 sensors (normally a box of 10 costs $350) and the transmitter kit (transmitter, charger, tester, inserter).

I am leaning towards Minimed as well since that is what pump I have for the same reason. Another thing attaches to me. I am going to talk to my dr. Tues but it really won’t matter what company I go with as he doesn’t even know anything about the pump so he relies on my research and what I want to do with my diabetes care.