Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm (CGM Question)

So I got approval this morning for a new insulin pump from my insurance after 4 months of use of another one. I am switching from the Animas Ping to the MiniMed Paradigm. My main reason for wanting to switch was due to the fact that I want better control of my blood sugars and will do that be adding the CGM to my pump therapy. I didn't want two separate devices, so I decided to go with the integrated system from Medtronic.

So I from my previous post, you can see I do understand that CGM does not replace the need for standard blood glucose testing, but it gives the bigger picture to as what maybe going on with glucose in your body at different times of the day. This gives you and the doctor a better idea of what changes need to be changed to your current therapy. How have you managed your diabetes better with A CGM than without a CGM?

I've been using the Dexcom CGM for going on 4 years. My A1c hasn't dropped dramatically in that time but it has remained pretty stable. I definitely think using the CGM has helped with that since it lets you stay on top of your BG at all times. I haven't been a day without it for the past 3 years or so, no breaks at all.

I got my first dex when it was new, and I only used it to figure out my basal rates and when I was going to be sleeping alone for a night or 2 for trips etc.

Now that insurance covers most of the cost, I wear one all the time.
I chose the MM for the same reason you did. I also got my dex wet and it was ruined. They told me I was out of luck so I was a little annoyed, but I wanted just the one thing to carry anyway.

My a1c used to hang around 6.9 or 7% pretty much always because I let my sugars go high at night to avoid lows.

Now I keep a much tighter control and I have my CGM to wake me in case I go low, so i don't worry about it so much anymore.

My latest A1c was 5.8% and I'm quite happy with that. I really do not have any reason to want it lower either.

When Animas comes out with their integrated pump with DEX in the US I will def consider it. I have 3 and a half years to wait before my warrantee is over on my MM tho

I had like 4x 5.8 A1Cs in a row when I went to my Medtronic 722 in 2008 from R/N shots. It had been in the 6s most of the time prior to that (although I had one 5.8 the first time I started going to the doc again, after taking a few years off, which may have overstated my credibility to the GP, probably just luck...) and then went up to 7.7 and 7.2 as I started losing weight, with very little actual planning, just winging it all the time. I got my CGM in 2010 and haven't been > 5.6 since then, usually a bit less, currently 5.3.

The best thing about it is knowing what's going on while I'm exercising but also stuff like shopping, which always seemed to push it down. It's handy for trips, amusement parks, just about any activity it's handy to have a pretty good idea where your BG is and which way it's moving. The extra gizmo w/ the dexcom is a deal-breaker for me. The size of the Medtronic unit is a big plus to me.

It's also been very useful in fighting the war on Dawn Phenomenon, as you can see what's going on @ night without needing to be bothered getting up. That's very handy to me.

I don't actually talk to my doctor about changes too much as I just make them myself. The last time I had hypo issue (long story but the short version, I had a super busy weekend, much more physical activity than usual, it was Mother's day and I got too busy and just ignored the signs of potential problems...), I went to f/u w/ her (as the paramedics noted an irregular heartbeat, not b/c I was that concerned about the hypo) and the doctor read me the riot act and, two days later, emailed me suggested changes and I told the nurse that I'd already done them.