HELP! Getting new Freestyle Navigator II sensor this week

Hi Everyone, I know this post doesn't apply to many because the freestyle navigators are no longer used in the US but I was hoping some international friends could help me out a bit. I am using the Freestyle Navigator now for about a year and a half and I'm six months pregnant and supposed to be switching to the Navigator II..
Has anyone heard anything/ seen any information on the Navigator II. I can't seem to find anything and the things I do find are mainly in German...can someone tell me generally how it is supposed to be/how it is different from the first/if people are liking it or not?? Thanks so much, any advice you have is greatly appreciated!!

Hello Liz, I have read one review written in german. The author was in general disappointed in comparison to the previous model. But it is important to note that the negative points are true for most competitors.


-visibility of color display is poor in sunlight.
-recharchable battery of sender can not be replaced. Some claim that the sender needs to be replaced after on year. Same mistake as dexcom.
-recharchable battery of receiver is not replacable. Lifetime of the receiver depends on the lifetime of the battery. Same mistake as dexcom.
-loudness of the alarms has been reduced in comparison to Navigator I.
-maximum level for lows is now 119 which is a poor design decision for some circumstances. Same mistake as dexcom I think?


-good sensor technology: sensitivity
-good calibration approach: less error prone
-sensors can be restarted
-"only" 5 calibrations per day
-"only" 1 hour with questions marks ??? after sensor start
-reliable alarms - although less pronounced

Thanks so much! I received it and basically the review rings true. I like it a lot so far and the "negatives" are pretty standard as far as sensors go that I've seen. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied.

holger: many thanks for doing this and sharing!

jim s

Liz, I know this thread is old but I was wondering how you got on with the Navigator II. I think I may try it out this summer and was wondering about things like calibration and restarting the sensors. I have very good luck with restarting dexcom sensors (I get an average of a month) and was wondering how the Navigator sensors compare.