Help - I hate exercising!


I need something that will get me moving, but I absolutely hate to exercise. I work at least 8.5 hours a day that get me up at 5:30 am. By the time I get home around 4pm, I am exhausted and I just want to go to sleep.

I don’t have an active job, I sit all day. I do, however, have a lot to do - mentally taxing. Dealing with kids with a lot of emotional baggage. In addition, lots of government regulated paperwork. Stressful sometimes.

Frankly, I have never liked to exercise. I think it is (a) not my personality and (b) something that I have always equated with “medicine” so to speak. I get bored on treadmills, etc. I hate being in sweaty, packed gym classes. I don’t know what to try.

Any suggestions on things you really enjoy?


Hi Sunny…at the moment I am walking for 2 hours a day with my kids and the dog (but apparently exercise has to get your heart really pumping to count so might as well sit at home lol) and I have invested in an exercise bike which I try to do 30 mins on in front of the tv while watching soaps. My dietician told me there are classes etc to go to but I too cant stand the thought of sweaty gyms so thats a definite no. Some people say yoga is fantastic, and pilates is also good and after a stressful day might be just what you need. I am sure you will find something to suit you…maybe even salsa or belly dancing (there are plenty of dvd’s out there :slight_smile:


Are you a teacher? This sounds like me. Except I used to like to exercise but can’t anymore - neuropathy.

I get up every morning at 5:30 just like you. In a classroom and don’t move much. By the time the bell rings at 3:00 I’m beat both physically and mentally. I work after school grading and dealing with kids until 4:30-5:00 and then crawl home.

Here are some things I do -
Wear a pedometer. I have a contest with the math teacher and we see who has the most steps at the end of the day. At the end of the week we have a “trophy” we pass to the winner. (it can be a ribbon or a can of spam, whatever) In order to pump the numbers I walk up and down the hall in between classes, walk 15 minutes after school in the hall with the other teachers, whatever I can to pump up the numbers. (Your daily goal is supposed to be 10,000 steps - I usually get about 2,500-3,000 a day at school)
On the way home I make myself make ONE stop - anywhere - and I walk the store. I try to walk every aisle until I put on another 2,500 - 3,000.
When I get home, I put on an exercise tape and believe it or not I exercise to it sitting down. My feet by that time are dead weight. But I can still twist and move and kick and I have small hand weights and I can get in a little motion. Who doesn’t laugh at Richard SImmons.
I also got an exercise bike. I have trouble keeping my feet on the pedals (neuropathy again) but I can put on 15 minutes a go before my feet are slipping too much to make it worthwhile. I put on my ipod and off I go.

Its not everything, everyday. Its maybe three days a week on the bike, and different days as a Walmart Walker. Maybe I only walk once after school because I’m just tired and want to go home or have too many papers to grade. But I also do little things. Even though I have a handicapped parking card, I park as far away as I can and walk in. I walk out to the mailbox instead of stopping in the car. At school I’m supposed to use the elevator but if I’m feeling up I take the stairs.
I’m always pushing the pedometer for more steps. I write down my steps with my BS numbers.

On the weekends I try to go for a walk Saturday when I get up or after church on Sunday. I again walk at a store - it helps me to have the shopping cart to balance with/leave my cane in the car, I’m where I can sit down if my leg has a muscle spasm or goes numb, and I can get my errands done. I put in steps while I wait for my pharmacy refills.

Every little step counts. I can’t afford a gym or swimming lessons but I’m just too tired to do those.
Its really hard but I try. Think about what will reward you. I’m a real weannie and love topping the math teacher. I feel like I accomplished something when my pedometer hits 6,000 and I look at my log and see those steps. And you know teachers love stickers. Whenever I go over 6,000 I get a sticker.

I wish you luck! I’m looking forward to following this blog and getting some ideas myself! You aren’t alone.


Do you enjoy dancing? Zumba DVDs or classes at the gym or even going out dancing at a club are great options that don’t really feel like exercise. Have you ever tried water aerobics? You don’t get sweaty and it can be a lot of fun as well.

Good luck!


SWIM! I hate to exercise too. I doubly hate to sweat. So I found a motel in town that will allow me to swim in t heir pool, and sure enough, they have a lot of people from town who do that. They have a pass for 20 swims for $20…pretty much makes it through the month since we can’t use it on weekends when there are guests. I found some exercises on line, and called the PT people I know (I have arthritis in my knees) and got some water exercises from them. I go either early in the AM or at noon when the pool is closed. They have a shower to use…which is nicer than the last pool I used. I don’t sweat and if I do…it’s in the water. I would go right after work if I were you…get yourself a snack before you go…and then use it for an hour. It will help you relax, and give you more energy to do something rather than park yourself in bed after work. I had a job like yours before becoming disabled, and you are right it does take all of what you got right out of you!


Easy place to start: park as far away from work as you can without needing hiking boots. Far end of parking lot, maybe. Do the same when you go grocery shopping. Go to the mall and window shop. Try to not stop too often or for very long. Just walk. Got a dog? Take him/her for a walk each day. Drive to a park and just walk. Don’t take escalators or elevators.

Get a pedometer that tells you the step count. After a week or so, try to increase the number of steps.

If you aren’t used to exercise, small amounts aren’t that small at all in terms of calorie burns. You don’t have to speed walk or jog, just walk around. It will also help with developing the habit of thinking about exercise as not being a sweaty thing.

Think about getting a bicycle, even an indoor one. Ride the bike while watching a sitcom. That’s 30 minutes and you’re done.

I ditto the swimming. Try your local Y’s and ask about their “lap pool” times. It’s when only 4 or 5 people take a single lane each and just swim laps. Ours is first come, first served but it is very popular.


I always hated to exercise too - then I realized I hate the thought of exercise more than the actual activity. Right now I take an “aqua fit” class in the pool at a local gym. It has changed the way I feel about exercise. Once I get into the bathing suit, it’s easier to grab the towel and head out the door. I have a pedometer too and find that inspires me to put more steps into my day. Keep trying stuff and don’t give up until you find one that you hate less than something else. I was surprised to discover the difference exercising makes with my numbers. This is a great topic. Thanks for bringing it up, Sunny : D


I am a school psychologist, Marcia - so I am on the same teacher schedule :wink: The “after school” for me is usually dramatic kids with issues that need resolving (usually stuff like scheduling problems, but occasionally very serious stuff like suicidal ideation) or team meetings regarding eligibility for special education. I love my job, but it is taxing mentally.

I used to love to swim, I never thought about checking with the Y! I drive right by on my way home. Good call peeps - I’ll have to check on it soon.


find a gym with classes! Spinning, dancing, strength training - it’s the only way for me! If I’m around others I know I need to finish. the time goes by quicker than counting the minutes on a treadmill or machine.



Honestly, I have tried (and actually got going for a while) a lot of different types of exercise, despite how much I hate it… What I have found, so far, is that a 20 minute casual morning stroll first thing in the morning before breakfast, and a 20 minute evening stroll before bed, are all I really need for now to clear my mind, remove stress, prepare me for my day, and give me good numbers all day long. I can do other stuff if I want to… but I am not obliged. :slight_smile: