What is your favorite exercizes?

I have only recently found out that I have Diabetes( type 2, Nov 1st). I have been trying to start exercizing and eating healthier. Some of my favorite exercizes are walking with my friend, which we do 3-4 times a week and we like to do some of the exercize routines on the exercize channel. We just discoverd this strength training 20 minute workout on the exercize channel that is based on basic ballet moves. Man did it kick our butts! It was so fun though. So yeah I am just curious to find out what everyone else likes to do for exercize.

I take an exercise class every weekday, it is a mixture of cardio and resistance training to music with an instructor

I think music always makes working out sooooo much funner. I used to go to a water aerobics class. The instructer played some great music. It was lots of fun even though I was one of the only people under 50!

I do either water execise or walking every weekday. I have progressed so far with walking that I now take turns leading walks for people with learning difficulties. i’ve tried the gym and can’t take to it. i get so bored

What I have found to be a lot of fun is walking the halls of my daughter’s high school. My children are involved in sports and they have a lot of practices after school at night. While they are having practice, I walk. I have found that other people do this as well. Right now I am at 40 minutes a day. It seems that the school staff enjoy the outside company. Many staff members have asked me about my walking. They usually ask with a smile!!

Great Idea, saves all that hanging around and isn’t affected by the weather. I walk too. In Britain, we have the “Walking for Health Initiative” started near here by a doctor for his cardiac pattients, but now nationwide. I walk twice weekly for an hour with groups and twice a month, I volunteer with a group of learning disabled people and walk with them. I had a stroke 4 years ago and still can’t co-ordinate to run more than a few steps.

I belong to a sports centre, where the only people you see during the week in daytime are the over 50s and the young mothers and nannies with the pre-schoolers. We’re the only ones free at tthat time.

I hate to exercise but now I use a treadmill once daily for a minimum of 30 minutes. I always used to say that “I am too busy. I can’t work it into my schedule, blah, blah, blah…”. Well the alternative is unacceptable to me and NOTHING is more important in the control and management of Type 2 Diabetes then regular, vigorous, aerobic exercise. If my blood glucose level is spiking, the only way to quickly get it down is to exercise. When I walk for a minimum of 30 minutes at a pace between 3.2 - 3.8 mph on an incline of between 3 - 6, I can lower my blood glucose level by over 30 mg/dL and keep it down for hours. I notice that at about 23 minutes into the walk is where I start to see the benefits of the exercise on my blood glucose levels. At the current time and in my current physical conditions, I think that my “ideal” exercise duration is between 45-50 minutes. I walk about 2 hours before bed in order to keep my glucose under control while I sleep. My blood glucose is always higher in the morning. I use the ProTech Pro-Form 650 Cross Trainer because it is a little wider and longer which makes it easier for me to walk briskly or jog. It also has a fan and a powered incline up to 10 so that I can maintain the same speed walk while increasing the incline and therefore the resistance/difficulty. This helps me get to my target heart range more quickly. I purchased it on sale this past summer for just under $500 at The Sports Authority. Now I don’t get wet or cold walking the streets of my neighborhood. Thank g-d for my ipod and dvd player though…cause walking by yourself is pretty boring…

I don’t have space for anything as large as a treadmill. English houses don’t often have basements or anything like.
I do walk though.Everywhere, if only to the bus stop to use my free bus pass to somewhere else. I also do aqua aerobics, which is huge fun, in a class of seniors. We may be older and not look beautiful in our swimwear, but we work hard and enjoy ourselves twice weekly. Class starts at 0830 and we’re always there despite peak traffic. I do have to drive to the swimming pool, because no buses go there. I also walk my dogs.

How much do you have to walk before getting your sugar level down, though? I have physical difficulties and do have a dog and a treadmill - but cant walk either of them for more than about ten minutes at a moderate pace. Would this be no good? Not at all sure about this - and what about ordinary stretching exercises? I suppose those wouldnt count at all…:frowning:

Would be so grateful to know this…:slight_smile:

You need to find out for yourself how you react to exercise. I never let my BG get very high, but I have read that exercisin on a high BG can make it go higher still.
However, If you have mobility issues, Water exercise might suit you. It’s huge fun and protetive of the joints as the water supports the body’s weight. If there isn’t a class near you, perhaps just going to the pool and walking up and down would suit you. I find our 45 minute workout does drop my bg a bit.

My doctor told me to try dancing if I don’t like to exercise. The following week she gave me a cd with music on it. Songs were 1, nutbush by tine turner
2, bus stop by flatbush band
3, we will rock you by queen
and 4, the chicken dance.
Sounds absolutly stupid but gives me a complete 20 min workout. Try it, if you don’t like it at least the songs are great to have you swinging around in no time. Enjoy

I do aqua exercise twice a week for 45 minutes and walk everywhere I can. I only use my car if there’s no alternative.

Hi Alice,

That sounds like a fun way to get the exercise. Might give it a go… but there is no way my Hubby will see me dance…lol

I like to go walking, bike riding and swimming to get my exercise. would also love to get back into table tennis again.


I have recovered well from a stroke 5 years ago, but still have some strength issues. Also am scared to ride a bike on our congested roads, (In England) So I walk. I use it as my main means of getting about. I do own a car and use it only if I have no other way to get where I’m going, or I have something very heavy to bring back. As a state pensioner, I get a free bus pass, which I can use on local bus services anywhere in the country. It makes me walk to the bus stop and between bus stops, plus walking isabsolutely free and my dogs can come with me. I also do aquafit in a seniors class twice weekly

I try to walk quite a bit. My wife has a stationary bike that I use some. Also have an elliptical machine (human torture machine as I call it) that I need to use more than I do. Just started bowling again, not normal bowl a frame, sit for 5 minutes, bowl another frame, but go by myself and bowl 4-8 games without stopping for more than wiping sweat or getting a drink. Been working in the garden this summer. Right now getting ready to go play a round of golf. Of course, will be riding in a cart, but still the work of finding my ball, getting it out of the woods or creek after almost every shot (not a good golfer at all, but I do enjoy trying to play), etc. does work up a sweat and make my blood levels go down some.

I like ti walk. My Dr. says walking is the best excersize. I walk about 3 times a day (15 minutes each time).

Here in Britain, there is a strong movement called the Walking for Health Initiative. ( look it up on google). I walk with groups wice weekly. Tuesday I walk in an area called the Goring Gap, which is amazingly beautiful, in a gentle way. That walk is betwee4m 2 and 4 miles. On Wednesdays I walk with another group in a Nature reserve. Twicw round the lake is 2 miles. Approximately evert third Friday, I escort a group of people with learning difficulties round a local park. Once round the park is a mile and since I get there o the bus, I will do a mile before I get there. After the walk and a social cup of coffee, I walk back into town. which is another 2 miles along a canal.I must remember to take some bread for the ducks next time. then I do any shopping I need to do and get the bus home.At least another 1/4mile to the bus stop.

Hi Christina, good to see you again, hey where do you go swimming, the pool in hastings is always crowded with kids and I hate lap swimming, just a gentle slow crawl up the pool and wade back is good for me. Bike is good for me too, , and the dog is getting a walk every second day. Take care.