Help,Inaccurate numbers?

Do you really get inaccurate results when you use the meter with the wrong number as is on the test strip bottle? If so then all my numbers are wrong for a month now.oops. Also are the numbers inaccurate if the battery is running low? Been low for 2 days now.

Yes, you can absolutely get inaccurate numbers if your meter is coded for hte wrong test strip calibrations. Battery low - I would no think so. I don’t know if your numbers are terribly inaccurate, but different coding can definitely give different numbers.

Yes you do get noticibly lower/higher results with miscoding… BUT… most current boxes of Onetouch strips (the ones with the foil logo and/or the light blue Onetouch Ultra strips)… are almost all coded 25 now…Almost all, so this will become less of a problem when your supply is refreshed